April 28, 2008

Peace, well sort of.

Peace. What does it look like to you? I had an afternoon of rest yesterday, but it wasn't so peaceful. Have you ever had a time like that? Sometimes, even when it is quiet, peace is a long way away. Even though I had a time of rest, the door chime kept ringing, the phone rang, the kids came in and out, the t.v. noise was in the background. Sure, I am thankful for my time of rest, but sometimes my soul yearns for real peace.

Peace ebbs and flows with the daily changes of life. An afternoon with my children can bring such sweet peace on some days. Other days, it's just plain tiresome. I am so thankful the Prince of Peace never changes. He offers me peace, true soul-deep peace.

I recently read a funny but oh-so-true saying: If you need to find your children, just sit down to relax and they will find you. Actually, as I am typing this, I think I could modify that statement by saying if you can't find your children, just start typing on the computer and they will find you with all kinds of needs. Excuse me... I'll be back.

Okay, what was I saying? Oh yes, PEACE. Hmm.. I don't think I am in the frame of mind to post about that today. We will revisit that topic at another time when I don't have a four year old hanging on my back asking for the 100th time when daddy will be home from work. How do I tell him it is still 6 hours away? I need some peace!

To finish off this day, I must comment on my picture above. The flowers are from my snowball bush, which is loaded with glorious blooms right now. It is so full that last night's rain made the weight of the blooms so heavy they were touching the ground this morning. The glass objects to the right are my 'find' of the weekend. I discovered this ADORABLE little outdoor antique place. These are from old telephone poles. Does anyone know what they are called? Anyways, I loved them and they were so inexpensive. Doncha just love little treasures like that?!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I had to laugh while reading this post. Several times today I was trying to find some peace and I was constantly bombarded with questions about hamsters. My 7 year old son wanted to know everything about them because he wanted one. I thought the best way to get some peace and make him change the subject was to let him know that hamsters don't live very long so he might not want one. Ooops! Wrong thing to say. Now we had tears and sadness over a hamster we don't even have yet. Then we had to discuss how many days are in a year and how many years a hamster DOES live. I guess that is as peaceful as it gets around my house, constant chatting is more like it!


Kellie said...

Peace... yes, that is something to long for but we don't always get in this life!! (Especially with CHILDREN or STUDENTS!) Can you tell it is near the end of the school year???? I am thankful for the peace of God, though. Don't know what I'd do if I didn't have that. He keeps me sane.

Laura said...

Just found your blog and was reading through the archives a little. Had to comment about the glass objects you found...
They are glass insulators from old telephone lines. My husbands late Grandpa used to work with them all the time and we all have some around for decor (mine) or doorstops (my MIL.)
Thought you'd like an answer to your question. :)