September 22, 2012

Pinner Winners

I've decided to share some of the wonderfulness of Pinterest here on my blog every once in a while.  If you missed the first "Pinner Winners"  click here.

This week I'd like you to meet:
1. Older and Wisor.  An abundance of creative gift wrapping/giving is in store for you here.
Need more easy craft ideas?  Check out "My Crafts" Pinterest board.

2. Kevin and Amanda are the king/queen of the Free Font kingdom.  Their website(s) are full of amazing ideas so I am dying to try these Texas Gold Chess Squares.
I've pinned them to "My Yummies" board.  Can't wait to go to the grocery so I can try this yummy, but so simple recipe!

3. BHG never disappoints with amazing ideas.  I love this simple, yet charming way to add fall to the front porch.
Check out "My Holidays" Pinterest board for more year around ideas.

4. Martha Stewart suggests this super fun idea for a fall party, which could be used anytime of the year by changing the shape.
This would be way more fun than a pinata and way less chaotic. Check out more party ideas on "My Party" Pinterest board.

5. I love, love, love this list from Hopes and Dreams of 30 questions to ask your spouse.  What a fun way to keep the conversation (and interest) alive.  These are perfect for date night!
I tucked this pin into "My Miscellaneous Goodies" because everybody needs a fun junk drawer to stick little treasures.  ;)

September 21, 2012

New House: Paint and Cabinets Make My Day

 My cabinets were installed over the weekend.  This empty space finally feels like a kitchen...  the space where we will make many memories and yummy delights.  Two sets of doors have to be replaced because they didn't match the others but my builder/husband said that's normal. I learn as I go. ;)
 I found my knobs and pulls at Hobby Lobby.  Good news: they were a great price and I love the look.  Bad news: the pulls didn't come with screws.  Now I get to hand paint the silver screws to match the black pulls.

The exterior is coming along nicely.  Making the paint decision was SCARY.  I messed up royally on the first house we built, so I was gun shy on this one.  However, I am thrilled with the results.  Earl Grey by Sherwin Williams is a winner!  It is a clear grey, no blue or purple undertones.  Perfection.

September 20, 2012

Out and About Makes Me Laugh

 1. Saw this tee shirt at Walmart and it made me smile.  I love a good nap, don't you?
2. Thanks to Target, I know who I'm voting for in November:
The deciding factor: "She stands on her own."  

3. Saw this in a Biscuitville restroom.  The last bullet point kinda killed my appetite.

4. Does anyone remember this Bible from the early 80's?  I'm totally dating myself here, but my parents owned a Bible just like this and I thought it was SO COOL!

5. Can you guess this riddle?  I'll give the answer tomorrow.

But seriously, Starbucks, teach your baristas some spelling.  Please.
"Curtious" makes me itchy, especially on a public sign.

September 19, 2012

Paint or Stain? You vote!

We finished the ceiling of our keeping room in a tongue and groove knotty pine.
I had envisioned white clapboard style.  My husband, and every other man that has entered the house has said, "ooh, you're going to stain that, right?"
 So, I ask you:  Paint or stain?  Keep in mind the floor is hardwood.  I'm curious to find out your preference. :)

One of my favorite little details of the house is this antique stained glass window.
On the original plan, we put a transom window in this spot.  However, when we got the window estimate, the transom was going to be $500.  Huh, wha??  So my brilliant husband suggested I find an antique window instead.  I love him so much.
My style is very simple, so I was giddy when I found this gem.  I even bartered the price down to $90.  Hello.  I just saved $410!!!

Things are moving along at the speed of light.  Yesterday, I arrived at the house to find an army of men working on everything from paint (woop woop!), to driveway, to exterior lights.
Our future family room

Over the weekend the hardwood floors were installed, interior doors hung, and my kitchen cabinets were installed.  Squeal!!! It's starting to feel like H.O.M.E.

So, paint or stain??

September 8, 2012

Paint Ploys

 I'm up to my eyeballs in paint samples right now.
And I love it!
I decided to go with a cooler side of neutral this time.  Who knew there were 54,258 versions of grey?!  Most of our common areas will be very neutral this time.  I realized that I limited myself when I chose distinct colors last time around.  With a lighter, more neutral wall, I can ramp up the color (and change much more often) in my accessories.

The exterior has almost reached completion. (squeal)  I'll show pics in a couple of days.  I am over-the-moon thrilled with the results.  Whew!  I'm glad that big decision is over!

I've collected a wagon full of paint sample cards, and perused the paint vaults of multiple stores.  However, I came across something the other day that caused me to pause, pull out my phone, and snap a picture.

Empty Nest Colors.
Talk about a marketing ploy!  I guess Home Depot is realizing that the Baby Boomers still have the money.
I looked around and spied color cards for kids rooms, baby nurseries, Empty Nesters, First Time Homeowners and Victorian renovation.  To no avail, did I find the Average Family of Five Dream Home card.  So, I took 509 individual cards and decided to make my own color collection card. ;)

What's your all time favorite paint color?

September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

Very few books change my life (besides the Bible) but one of the most influential books I've ever read is this.  She calls out the lack of regulations on the cosmetic industry.  She also provides an amazing, expansive list of good products.  I've fought the clear-skin battle my whole life.  After reading the book, I realized that I was completely misled in what I thought was good skin care.  I've been using Cetaphil, thanks to Paula for about 3 years now and it is amazing.  Next time you're at Target, pick up a bottle.  I can almost guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results.

 Paula also wrote a book about hair care (which I believe is out of print.)  I recently ordered this conditioner from her website.  My hair feels so incredibly soft without feeling greasy at the roots.  I would recommend this a thousand times over.  It happens to be 50% off right now.

 I know all of the delicious fall flavors have (finally) hit the shelves at Bath and Body Works. However, I needed something for my car, but a car full of pumpkin cupcakes gives me a headache.  I happened upon this scent and it is AMAZING.  Every time we get in the car, my girls say, "I smells like a really cute guy in here."  Ahh, they keep me laughing.  Mahogany Leather smells like a new car (with a cute guy driving it).  ;)

My kids are getting ready to study the Civil War.  I love a good historical fiction, so this book  is perfect for getting me in the groove.  Actually, it's a great book that anyone who enjoys historical fiction would enjoy.  Lynn Austin happens to be the author of my all time favorite series.  She did not disappoint with this 3-part series either.

Happy Friday, Ya'll!!!