September 20, 2012

Out and About Makes Me Laugh

 1. Saw this tee shirt at Walmart and it made me smile.  I love a good nap, don't you?
2. Thanks to Target, I know who I'm voting for in November:
The deciding factor: "She stands on her own."  

3. Saw this in a Biscuitville restroom.  The last bullet point kinda killed my appetite.

4. Does anyone remember this Bible from the early 80's?  I'm totally dating myself here, but my parents owned a Bible just like this and I thought it was SO COOL!

5. Can you guess this riddle?  I'll give the answer tomorrow.

But seriously, Starbucks, teach your baristas some spelling.  Please.
"Curtious" makes me itchy, especially on a public sign.


Amy said...

It's a creek/brook/stream ;-)

ashley said...

Great post! The washing your hands thing? Ick! Curtious?!? Noooo!