January 31, 2014


 For all my mid-westerner friends, this post is a joke.  I know that some of you are SICK of the cold and snow.  If I was dealing with -12* temps I might feel the same way...
but in NORTH CAROLINA snow is a real treat!
I've made it no secret that winter is one of my favorite things in life.  I love frosty breath and pink noses.  Winter coats and fluffy mittens make me smile.  I've been doing a whole lotta smiling this week!

Snow days make me crave comfort food.
German pancake for breakfast and taco soup simmering on the stove.

All five of us spent HOURS in the snow.

Our property has rolling hills, but none that are really steep enough to enjoy a good sled ride.  So we improvise and burn gas all day long pulling the kids behind the 4wheelers.

We are lil' redneck, but sometimes that's more fun.  We have an old metal Coca-Cola sign that makes the best sled.  I've told my husband that it is also the most expensive sled because we could get a PRETTY penny for it on ebay.  I remember using the metal sign for sledding  when my husband and I were dating.  Good times.  Now that we have big kids, we have upped the ante:  
 Yes, it's as fun and scary as it looks.  Don't judge.

Our animals weren't quite sure what to do with all the white stuff.

I'm the mom, so the only photo that was taken of me was this selfie foot photo.
But I had just as much fun as all the other kiddos.  At one point I said, "this is the best kind of day.  It's freezing cold, we're all together, we are laughing our heads off and everyone is happy."

I love SNOW days!!!

January 30, 2014

Why I Took A Break

1. January is my slow month.  It seems to be the only month that we are not committed to a million different things.  I needed a few weeks to unwind from the holiday season and get my life back in order.  I decided to embrace the quiet, rather than let the guilt seep in.
2. I needed to get my priorities straight.  My Precepts bible study group started a new book: The book of John.  We're only on week two, but I'm already in love.  I love a fresh start.

3. I don't have much proof other than a few photos and some new memories to put in my pocket, but I took some time to just enjoy my kids.   Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the "next thing" that we forget to stop and enjoy the moment.  Fall and spring seem to pull and tug us in every direction.  But for the month of January I really made it a priority to focus on creating moments with my kids that would be cherished.

We took hikes:

We went on field trips with the grandparents:
We played games and acted cray-cray:

4.  Winter decided to finally arrive in NC.  Spending time with my family on snow days takes precedent over any online activities. (Other than Instagram, because ya know, it's instant.) Snow days are SO rare here that we have to stop the world and enjoy every single minute.
We've had two snows this January and I couldn't be happier.
This was the view from my kitchen window on the morning of our first snow.  Contented sigh.
So in a nutshell, I took a little bloggy break because I needed to stop, refresh and focus on my family.  
I've missed putting my thoughts to the page, ehr, screen.  Looking forward to a fun filled February!

January 6, 2014


Hello Friends!
I haven't posted in almost a month.  But hey, I haven't driven in over two weeks.  Why??  I'm a mother of teens/preteens so how is that humanly possible??
My life came to an abrupt halt in a matter of minutes...

It was Christmas Eve morning and I was in the groove.  Pandora and I were belting out the Christmas tunes while I prepared three breakfast casseroles and a smattering of holiday desserts.
I had forgotten to eat breakfast that morning in my rush to prepare for the best two days of the year.  As I worked I began to feel a little funny and thought my blood sugar had dropped.  I forced myself to stop in the middle of my baking spree and eat some cheese.  No change and still feeling strange I started whipping the frosting.  "I feel kinda dizzy," I said to my little sous chef.  I left him in charge and dropped onto the couch.  Feeling irritated, with all that needed to be done (ain't got time for dat!) I tried again.  This time I went running for the bathroom.
Christmas brunch table set and ready for the family... minus one.
My head was spinning and I was in the shower in a puddle of tears (because-sob-I'm-sob-missing-sob-Christmas) and vomit.  
Realizing I had the stomach bug I sent the rest of my family to the in-law's for the festivities.  Within an hour, I had no control of my eye muscles and I was scared that it was very serious.  Funny how the worst-case-scenario can come to mind so quickly.  Fortunately I come from a medical family (I am the black sheep in that dept.) and my sister in law was able to diagnose my problem within minutes of examining me: Vertigo (not the stomach bug)

Huh?  Wha?? I thought Vertigo was slight dizziness that only coincided with old age.  Really old age.
Turns out it can attack anyone at any given time.  Attack me it did!

Christmas morning was a complete blurrrrrrrr.  Determined not to miss out, I had my family literally drag me across the hardwood floors on a blanket to get to the couch without having to sit upright.  Pa-the-tic.  I really don't remember much from that day.  In fact, a couple of days later, my honey showed me all the gifts I had opened.  It was news to me!
My new fuzzy socks, soft throw blanket, and the perfect winter pillow were among my gifts.
I spent the next week and a half in bed or on the couch.  The blessing was that my honey had the week off from work and school was out for the kids.  The curse was that I missed doing fun stuff during their vacation break.  Focus on the good, focus on the good

A visit to the doctor didn't do much other than a prescription for some meds that make me too sleepy and a warning not to drive until the dizziness subsides...which, by the way could last a couple days or up to three weeks (stamping my foot...nooooo!).

As a mom, sometimes a doctor-ordered couch break is nice.  For a couple of days.  Except for the whole tilt-a-whirl thing.  Until the stir-craziness sets in.
The farthest I got from the house for a week was the front porch to soak up some sunny winter weather.  Even the animals had sympathy for me: 

As time went by, my eyes calmed down and I could focus on reading; and I discovered this gem:
I'm not usually one to stick it out for a biography but this one was SO well written.  It gave me a new appreciation for the wife of Billy Graham.  She did not live a boring life!  I was so impressed by her gentle yet witty spirit that I decided I want to be be like her when I grow up.  I highly recommend this book!

Tonight as we ate a delicious dinner prepared by caring hearts, my son said, "Mom, I'm so glad you have friends."  And that pretty much summed it up.  I've been loved so well through this ordeal.  My sweet family has cared so tenderly for my needs.  My mother came to the rescue and scrubbed my house... and even better: taught my kids how to clean a bathroom properly.  My mother-in-law took my daughter shopping and restocked my pantry.  Dear friends have brought meals, called to check, and dropped off little surprises at the door.

I am finally on the mend.  Life is getting back to normal.  Tomorrow I plan to get behind the wheel, only if I experience no dizziness of course.

It definitely wasn't the holiday season I had planned.  At times it was ugly and humiliating.  However, grace was poured over me and I have been reminded that
1. I am well loved
2. His mercies are new every morning.