January 30, 2014

Why I Took A Break

1. January is my slow month.  It seems to be the only month that we are not committed to a million different things.  I needed a few weeks to unwind from the holiday season and get my life back in order.  I decided to embrace the quiet, rather than let the guilt seep in.
2. I needed to get my priorities straight.  My Precepts bible study group started a new book: The book of John.  We're only on week two, but I'm already in love.  I love a fresh start.

3. I don't have much proof other than a few photos and some new memories to put in my pocket, but I took some time to just enjoy my kids.   Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the "next thing" that we forget to stop and enjoy the moment.  Fall and spring seem to pull and tug us in every direction.  But for the month of January I really made it a priority to focus on creating moments with my kids that would be cherished.

We took hikes:

We went on field trips with the grandparents:
We played games and acted cray-cray:

4.  Winter decided to finally arrive in NC.  Spending time with my family on snow days takes precedent over any online activities. (Other than Instagram, because ya know, it's instant.) Snow days are SO rare here that we have to stop the world and enjoy every single minute.
We've had two snows this January and I couldn't be happier.
This was the view from my kitchen window on the morning of our first snow.  Contented sigh.
So in a nutshell, I took a little bloggy break because I needed to stop, refresh and focus on my family.  
I've missed putting my thoughts to the page, ehr, screen.  Looking forward to a fun filled February!


Sandy said...

I have missed your blogs (even though I usually know what's going on), but this was a great reason to take a break. You have such wonderful kids & I'm glad you had this special time to just enjoy them! Love you all!

Kay Harms said...

Enjoyed catching up with you, Gretchen. Lovely photos, as usual. You are so wise to capture the moments and enjoy them. We do have to be intentional to really enjoy the blessings of life, don't we? So good to see you here today!

Jodee said...

January is always a good month to take a break because it is so long and boring! Love the snow pictures! You have such fabulous property!