September 25, 2013

The Room I Didn't Know What to Do With

When we began designing our home, I told the architect that the kitchen and keeping room were my top priorities.   Because of the layout of the house plans,  I knew that we would have a family room but I didn't give the space much thought.  Which is strange, because every other square foot of our house we planned with a purpose.

And so she was left undecorated and unnamed for almost 10 months.  For a while we used it to play Dance3 on the Wii because there was so much open floor space.  Do you know how great it is to dance on hardwood floors in socks?  Moves like Jagger, baby.
Eventually the Wii found it's permanent home in the kids' playroom and so the room sat.  Mostly empty, save for the gigantasoraus armoire that couldn't be moved another foot into the recesses of our home.
 We walk through the room everyday, but other than that, I really wasn't sure what purpose the room would serve.

Over the course of a few months, I realized that it had become the quiet room.  Strange, since it is located in the center of the house, but nonetheless, it became our reading room.
It is the space where I step away from the work in the school room, the busyness of the kitchen, and the noise of the tv.
 The room has become my space to enjoy one-on-one time with my daughter when she gets home from school.  We often work on homework together on the couch.  My sweet boy and I often read together here.

It is filled with worn out furniture and cherished objects that would be of no value to anyone else.  But still...
The afternoon sunlight streams in beckoning me.
 Ironic how the space I didn't know what to do with has become my sanctuary.

Wall Color: Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams
Sign: Red Letter Words

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September 19, 2013

September Glory

I took a walk with my camera this week...  
 Our property and the adjoining pasture is filled with yellow wild flowers.  I have them all over my house right now.  Good thing none of us are allergic!
Have I mentioned how much I love old barns?

I tried out the panoramic feature of my phone (which I didn't even know I had).  

 This is the view from my side of the pond.  I spend every moment possible soaking in this sight.

 I hope you are enjoying a beautiful September day.  Hugs!!

September 18, 2013

Traveling Clan

 When you have a farm, travel is a lot of work.  Finding reliable farm-sitters and making sure the feed bin is well stocked is a little different than dropping the dog off at the kennel for the weekend.  Over a six week period in August and September, we were out of town four of those weekends.  It was fantastic.  And tiring.  And FUN!
We enjoyed the beach (twice) with some dear, dear friends.
I really like this cute guy!

Don't mess with the mommas!
We then enjoyed our annual trip to the lake with our other favorite family.
 Even the big kids got to play in the water.

 Our final trip was to the NC mountains.  Did you know that Asheville is the home to the largest privately owned home in America? I have had the privilege of visiting the Biltmore Estate several times since I was a little girl; but this was the first time for our kids and they were impressed.   Sometimes it's hard to impress preteen/teens.  They really and truly enjoyed it! If you are looking for something fun to do with older kids, I highly recommend a visit.
 Oh, and while you're there, save time for Tupelo Honey Cafe.  The biscuits alone are worth the wait to get in.

After all that travel, it was time for me to don the teacher hat and snap our class back into order.

  I know it's annoying weird that I'm posting vacation pictures on my blog.  Yawn.  But a friend (whom I didn't know read my blog) stopped me the other day and said, "We are missing you on your blog.  You need to catch us up!"  So that's what this little post is ... me playing catch up.  Thanks for stopping by enduring the onslaught of family pictures.

September 9, 2013

Amazingly Easy Shaving Cream Craft

You know it is a success when the kids say that was REALLY fun and ask to do it again.

Supplies needed:
1 can of shave cream (not gel!)
acrylic paint in various colors
toothpick or wooden skewer
white cardstock paper
paper plate

1. Spread a thin layer of shaving cream foam over the paper plate. 
2. Add drops of color and swirl with a skewer or toothpick.  Be careful not to swirl too much because it will become a plate of brown goo.

You may be tempted to stop right there and call it a day because, really, this is beautiful art!

3. Cut out a simple shape and gently place it face down onto the plate 'o magic.

 We experimented with different color combinations and shapes.

4. Let dry, and enjoy your masterpiece!

 The house smells very manly-clean when you get done!