January 14, 2010

More About You and a Little About Me

I didn't know what I was getting myself into with this question/answer thing. Wow!! You girls have asked some amazing questions. There's no possible way to answer them all in one post, so I'll try to answer them in groups over the next few days. (Not to worry, this girl is always looking for blog fodder... thanks!) If you didn't get a chance to ask a question, it's not too late. Go here and leave a comment.

But first, here are your questions for the day:
#1. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Did you like the place (notice I didn't ask if you had fun, ahem) and would you go back if given the chance?
#2. How often do you exercise? C'mon, be honest! What is your exercise of choice? Okay, if this question is keeping you from commenting, just answer like this:
#2, no comment
#3. What is your favorite item in your kitchen?

To keep things fair, here are my answers from the week:
Are you a snacker? If so, what time of day does the snack attack happen and what do you love to snack on? I like to have a "secret" snack after the kids go to bed. Secret meaning that I don't have to share or create perfectly even portions. I crave gelatinous stuff: tapioca, flan, rice pudding, bread pudding. Unfortunately, my thighs say "you are what you eat." Sigh.

When you have time to yourself, what do you do? Well, I usually try to catch up on everyone's blog, but my favorite way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon is to read (which usually leads to a nap). I love a good historical fiction, modern fiction, courtroom fiction. I'm quite fictitious!

How old were you when you had your 1st child? 26

What is your least favorite household chore? the shower, hands down
BTW, those of you (and there were MANY) who wrote about putting the laundry away, let me help: that's why God created children. It's okay to make them do it.

Boot, heels, or clogs? Clogs. But if I had a good pair of cowgirl boots, I'd be all over that.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Colorado. Yes, I'd go back, love that state!

How often do you exercise? Not enough, but I'm working on that. It's sad when the Wii Fit tells you that it has missed you. Whatevah. What is your exercise of choice? Walking with friends (miss you, Erin and Gina).

What is your favorite item in your kitchen? I have two. I know, I just broke my own rule! My Cocoa Latte machine and my William Sonoma Spoonulas.

Now it's your turn... I want to know!
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Joy for the Seasons said...

1) We went to Charleston, SC, for our honeymoon. I would go back on a 'sweetheart trip' in a heartbeat. I had hopes for a return on our 10th anniversary, but instead we closed on a house that month. Fair enough. :)

2) I aim to exercise 5 days a week but it usually turns out more like 3 days. Hey, that is better than no days, right?? I love my elliptical machine, but the bursitis/arthritis in my hips has made me quit that for now, and I have had to learn to *love* my Walk Away the Pounds workout.

3) You chose two, so I will, too! Cheese grater and coffee pot!

KR said...

What fun!

1. Shenandoah Valley - VA. Would absolutely go back! We were there during peak leaf week. Awesome. Nothing screams "GOD!!!!" to me louder than mountains.

2. Does carrying laundry up and down the stairs count? Then 27 times a day.

3. Going with the 2 theme....Mountain Dew (hands down) and my apple/pear slicer! So easy.

Rachel Cox said...

Loved your answers!

Q1: We were one of those crazy ones who braved Disney World on our honeymoon. Loved it, but we were so tired that we didn't really enjoy it as much as I would have liked to. ;)

Q2: Not near enough... I'm lucky if I get two days a week in. I love to walk... clears my head and usually I spend the time in prayer/worshiping to the music on my iPod.

Q3: My coffee maker. Hands down. That thing sustains me.

Anonymous said...

1. We went to New Orleans immediately after the wedding because that's where Scarlett O'Hara went on her honeymoon. We took a cruise to Mexico later that summer.

2. I do not exercise regularly. Last year I started and quit the Shred. I haven't exercised regularly since 1991. I'm not proud just telling it like it is.

3. How do I choose just one? My KitchenAid mixer, my rice cooker, my spoonulas, my electric kettle....I'm not finished!!!

Dawn said...

1. caribbean cruise. yeah... we go again, but i'd really like to go to alaska!

2. my firned & i meet m-f at 5:30am for a great 45 minute walk, that includes plaenty of chatting!

3. while you got a deal on your coca latte machine, i spent the big bucks and got a red dolce gusto... which i am loving. but i am still wishing i had seen the cocoa latte first!!

Carpool Queen said...

We went to Spain and our honeymoon suite had single beds. HA! It still cracks us up -

I try to exercise four days a week, but that hasn't happened this week, or last week now that I think about it. Hope springs eternal.

My fave kitchen item is my bread slicing knife which kicks serious butt. My other fave is my Le Creuset dutch oven which I waited years and years for and was worth every stinkin' penny.

Terri said...

#1 Honeymoon, I say my husband still owes me one! (we have been married 32 years this summer!) We moved from Washington to Alberta, with all our worldly goods in the back of the truck.
#2 I have a great treadmill and every excuse in the world to why I am not on it.
#3 My new flat top stove and my small chopper, I just toss a cut up onion in and no crying for me!

Shell in your Pocket said...

...went to Nantucket on my honeymoon..

...love my mixer...

sandy toe

The Chubby Dove said...

1) Tennessee
2) Running until I hurt my knees. Walking, now and I don't do it as often as I should. It's alot colder here than in FL. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
3) My coffee pot.

Kay said...

#1 We also went to Charleston, SC! And yes, I'd love to back. We went in January so I'd love to go in the spring.
#2 I walk. I try for 5-6 days and usually end up with at least 3 and maybe 5. I miss my walking/running buddy that I left behind when I moved a few years ago. but now we talk on our cell phones while we walk.
#3 Gotta love my very simple coffee pot and my red tea kettle!

Laura said...

1.) Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Would definitely go back

2.) 6 times a week. I love kickboxing, bosu (exercising on a half ball) and cycling (more outside at a leisurely pace than indoors). If I can't get to the gym I use my Nordic Track skier. That's right, my husband would tell you mine is probably one of the most used clothes hangers around.

3.) Kitchen Aid stand up mixer! I use it at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Kim said...

1. Victoria, BC Yes would go back!
2. need to improve on that!
3. tupperware...keeps me organized!

amber waves of grain said...

1. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. We loved it and would love to go back.

2. I'm a waitress, so I count running around the dining room as my exercise-- other than that, none. I do like taking walks though.

3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

PS-- Not sure where I came across your blog, but I enjoy reading it!

ashley said...

1. We went to Charleston, SC. I wouldn't mind going back... we love it... but we have several places that precede Charleston on our "where we'd like to visit" list!

2. I like to walk when the weather permits. When it doesn't permit, I sometimes to exercise videos/fit tv at home.

3. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but my favorite item in my kitchen is my dishwasher. I'm not kidding. I lived for a year without one and lets just say I'm ever-so-thankful for mine.

Tracey said...

1. Honeymoon : Grand Cyprus Resort in Orlando, Fl. We were there two nights, then I had to get back to Georgia Tech for mid-terms. (went to Hawaii for our 2nd anniversary!)

2. Exercise : Usually Curves. There's an elliptical in my bedroom. I'm kinda on a sabbatical from exercise..hope to get back to it next week!

3. Ginormous mixer used to make homemade bread and coffee maker.

Fun stuff...thanks!

Sarah said...

1) Aruba-It was really nice, but not my favorite place we've ever been. Italy and Paris were definitely the two greatest trips in our lifetime...I really hope we get to go back to both! We went during our 3rd and 5th year of marriage...pre-kids, of course!!

2)Does being a nurse and being on my feet count as exercise???
Otherwise, I'd say I'm lucky to get two small workouts in a week during the winter. Now, come warm weather, we'll make up for it!!!

3)My favorite item in my kitchen are definitely my Audrey dishes from crate and barrel.

Sarah said...

1) Aruba-It was really nice, but not my favorite place we've ever been. Italy and Paris were definitely the two greatest trips in our lifetime...I really hope we get to go back to both! We went during our 3rd and 5th year of marriage...pre-kids, of course!!

2)Does being a nurse and being on my feet count as exercise???
Otherwise, I'd say I'm lucky to get two small workouts in a week during the winter. Now, come warm weather, we'll make up for it!!!

3)My favorite item in my kitchen are definitely my Audrey dishes from crate and barrel.

Amber said...

#1 .. Um. See the above post's comments. I got a little excited and jumped the gun!

#2 .. Ahem. What'd you say? I think you are going through a tunnel. I'm losing you. I can't..crackle..hear..pop..you.

#3 .. The box of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls that are sitting on the counter. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Bermuda - left on honeymoon 3 days after Hurricane Fran hit.
2. My latest pet peeve is when a little 6yo answers "what?" to most of the things I say - And I know he hears me.
3. Do food items count? would have to be the "secret snacks" and the cookie dough ;)

Anonymous said...

of course I just answered # 2 with an answer for tomorrows question - oh well I guess I do not get exercise from my child saying "what?"
Exercise would be tennis - is a competitive thing - only thing that can keep my going for at least 45 minutes without getting bored and complaining. 3x a week if I am lucky and the weather cooperates.

Anonymous said...

hey girl! i haven't been able to steal hubby's computer much to join the fun dialogues, but here are my answers for today:

1. Lake Tahoe, NV . . . LOVED it! would LOVE to go back -- OFTEN!

2. Uh, "define" exercise . . . hehe. Well, it's a big ol' nada right now, but it's funny you asked b/c v. recently I've been trying to figure out how to take baby steps. I've gotten as far as realizing that I'd do best w/ the accountability of a buddy system & there's nothing I love more than a walk through a wooded trail. But I get stuck when I think about my time of day options. Anyway, I'm workin' on it, at least in my mind, w/ is a whole lot more than I've done in the past! ;)

3. My fav. item is def. this electric chopper. It's a dome-shaped thingy that I fill up w/ whatever, stick my hand mixer base into it, & chop -- WITH THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! It TOTALLY beats my pampered chef chopper that would wear out the palms of my hands.

happy friday to you!
- TZ :)

wendy said...

1. We went to Palm City, FL. My husband's aunt & uncle let us use their house while they were vacationing in Nebraska. We had a pool in the backyard and the beach about 15 minutes away. Went up and down the east coast of FL. I'd go back, but I want to see Hawaii and Alaska first.

2. Exercising lately has consisted of 4 days a week on the ellyptical at 35 minutes each time. Feeling darn good about that.

3. I love the ice machine and water dispenser in the door of our refrigerator.

Gretchen said...

1. We were lucky enough to go to HI, and saw a bit of Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. Would lurve to go back, pretty much every day of the week. :)

2. Trying to go 3x a week to the gym with my son (he's a kinda/sorta homeschoolish boy). I could exercise anywhere, but he needs the structure of "going to work out". I loathe nearly every moment of it. Much prefer eating. Telling myself this is discipline.
3. Favorite kitchen item? Dishwasher, baby. Don't lurve unloading it, but boy, hand washing is a drag.

Great convo, my new friend.