January 25, 2010

No Winter Blues

After my brief hiatus last week, I want to keep our conversation going. You'll find the Question of the Day at the bottom of this post.
January is the month of simplicity. After the month of December, it is a welcome change, but sometimes it's hard to find non-christmasy winter decorations. Apothecary jars are the perfect place to have subtle hints of winter. Three kinds of fake snow (found on sale right after Christmas) is a simple and inexpensive way to fill them.
I found these sparkly little styrofoam balls in the floral section.

This little tree was 75% off of $1.99 in the Christmas Village section at K-mart.

Speaking of trees:
I added a few silver snowflakes and the mini snow hats to my white sticks.

Don't get the winter blues... add a little white or a little sparkle to celebrate the season.
P.S. This was a good excuse to show off my new 12x18 canvas print of my babies. :)

Do you decorate for winter?
What's your favorite thing about January?


Morgan said...

Thank you for naming those glass jars! I now have a name for my search!!
I have been following you for a while and I think you blog is wonderful!
Blessings Sister!

Carpool Queen said...

My only nod to winter decorating is I leave my snowman glasses in the cupboard.

I really pretty much look forward to getting out of January most of the time....

Dixie said...

I agree with CPQ. I have a snowman soap dispenser--does that count? By the way, that is THE BEST picture of the babes!

The Chubby Dove said...

Yes, I decorate for winter. All my Christmasy stuff is packed away and I keep out my snow covered trees, pinecones and snowmen. I also have a little shadowbox with skis and ski poles in it - they just scream winter.

My favorite part of January is my birthday. Anything I didn't get for Christmas, I usually get for my birthday. I know, I'm a brat...

Sandy said...

I'm putting away the last of the Christmas decorations TODAY, & getting out my Valentines decorations... skipping Jan., since it's nearly over. My favorite thing about Jan.... it's a snuggle down time, rest up from the holidays, USUALLY variable weather. But this year I'm ready to MOVE ON!!
But... I need HELP w/my mantel again... Love you!!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Your mantle looks fabulous!!! What a precious picture of your babies. That will be a treasure for year's to come.

We decorated for Winter this year, I have pictures on my blog a few posts back.

I love January because it is peaceful and serene. And now that we're nearing Feb. I'm getting excited that SPRING is just around the corner!!

Amber said...

Are you kidding me? You mean you can just think that stuff up on your own? You are a genious.

Again. Why I'm asking Jesus if it'd be alright for you to come over and spice up my mansion a wee bit when we get up there.

You are my hero. Because you make white sticks look good. If I tried to put white sticks on my mantle it'd look like...well...white sticks.

So..answers to the question.

Of course I don't decorate for winter. I barely can decorate for Christmas.

And. My favorite thing about January is that it brings in a new year. Seems fresh. And clean. And hygenic.

Love you much, friend.

Sarah said...

Nope, no winter decorations here. Although, I DO really enjoy making little valentine, st. patty's day, easter, etc. "food items" around those holidays. This month I've been planning what I want to do special for Valentines Day. I'm planning on taking some cute pics of my husband giving our little a rose as a "valentines day" picture to send to family for v-day. Hmmm...I really trailed off the subject there...:)

I really and truly love every month of the year except August (way too hot!!!). My favorite thing about January is that I always feel rejuvenated b/c it's a new year to start fresh. I also think there is something beautiful about trees with no leaves.

Joy for the Seasons said...

I pretty much go from Christmas to Valentine's Day in terms of decorating. I take a couple of weeks to cleanse my holiday palette and then it's bring on the pinks and reds!

Two favorite things about January:
1) My Little Bit was born in January.
2) I start seeing more hours (or for now, minutes) of daylight.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love the shiny styrofoam balls. I don't decorate for winter - just the clean slate left over after I take down Christmas. I love that feeling.

Terri said...

I like to put out my snowman stuff in November and leave it out until March when hopefully spring comes.

I actually like January after the craziness of Christmas. I usually have this obsession with sorting and cleaning!

Delightful Dwelling said...

It looks so pretty and elegant. I love the jars and the little tree, so cute!

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Very pretty! Those shiny foam balls are a great idea as apothecary filler.

Hoosier Homemade said...

Love how you used the styrofoam balls! Genius!
Thanks for sharing!