January 6, 2010

May I Suggest...

I could write a book about this book. Did you know that the FDA does not regulate the marketing of cosmetics? This books dispels the myths about skin care, make-up and the industry's marketing schemes. BUT, it doesn't just give you the bad news. It is a wealth of knowledge even down to the specific brands and products from hundreds of cosmetic companies. It is laid out in an easy-to-read design, with a purchasing guide in the back.
If you are not willing to purchase the book on my word (which I totally understand), check it out from the local library. You (er, your face) will be amazed!
Having too many bad hair days? Check out her other book here.

I received this magic little machine for Christmas. The Cocoa Latte machine makes all of my hot beverages a frothy delight. Here's what I love about it: I simply pour the milk and dry (or wet) chai mix in and turn it on. The same for hot chocolate. I can reheat coffee and add flavored creamer for a frothy afternoon thrill. In the past I have heated such beverages in the microwave, but it just doesn't stay warm. The Cocoa Latte keeps the liquid hot until I turn it off. For around $25 you, too, can enjoy (much better than $225 for a espresso/steamer machine!). Heather suggests looking at your local thrift store, too.

After listening to Christmas music 24/7 since the beginning of November, I was ready for a change. I found this little gem at the bookstore. It is a refreshing new take on some old songs with a few new ones thrown in the mix.

**All of these "reviews" are of my own free will and desire to keep my readers informed, and state my opinion. I didn't get paid, or offered free stuff from these companies... just stuff I like. :)


Amber said...

Haven't seen that book, but I need to read it.

Haven't seen that frothily delightful, but I need to get me one.

Haven't heard that album, but I need to.

You are a marketing genius. See? They should totally pay you.

The Chubby Dove said...

I want one of those latte makers. I saw them in Target before Christmas. Yummy!

Elizabeth said...

All these things look great to me! I've seen the little latte machine around and wondered about it. It's good to hear from someone who likes it. And I love Kutless. Their music is great for leaving on in the kitchen all day while I'm home.

Jo said...

Thanks for the suggestion ~ I am in need of new make up and wasn't sure who to try since I'm not happy with my current brand.


Joy for the Seasons said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we just did not need makeup or hair products? I suppose we could try not using any of it, but it would only work if we ALL did it. Not gonna happen, huh? I am going to have to check that book out! Oh, and I love your new gadget!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I think I'm going to need that frothy hot beverage maker thingy.

And that CD.

Book looks good, too!
Here is a great website that I occasionally check for toxicity in beauty products:

It rates how high toxic ingredients are and gives you a full list of what is in it. Very surprising info for me.

Kelli said...

Thanks for the tips. I value your opinion!!!

Gretchen said...

Makeup, coffee, and good music? You've hit all my love languages. It's like you're me...except you live far away and your house is cleaner and better decorated.

Rachel said...

I love making my hot drinks frothy too! I have a little electric hand whipper thingy (I have no idea what its really called) and it makes lots of yummy foam!

Thanks for the recommendations. I always love seeing what other people are "into". Maybe you should start your own "stuff you like Wednesday!" :)

Sandy said...

if I did "stuff I like Wed.", the first would be... I like you!
And I really need to see that book. I'm running out of all facial "stuff", but would like to know what is best.

Carpool Queen said...

Cocoa latte looks fun. It's even more fun if using your hot cocoa recipe, which, btw, is THE BEST ONE I've ever received.

Is is a family secret? Or do I have to wait 11 months to get some more?

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Can you hear my wallet creaking open?

Can you buy that latte machine at Walmart? Because seeing as how it's so cold, I could go for a warm beverage!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of those suggestions. I'm going to look for one of those Cocoa things. I have an electric kettle but it doesn't keep the liquids hot.

I'm going to have look into the new Kutless CD.

Love Paula. I get her newsletter.

The Cherry Family said...

Now I really need that machine! I would love a nice hot chai latte at just the turn of a knob!

Kellie said...

I have been looking at that book! So glad for your review!

As far as the coffee thing....yum! My favorite part of a latte is the foamy-ness.

And last, but actually what I am most happy about, is the album love. I cannot wait to go to iTunes and make me a purchase!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

OH my gosh that book is the best EVUH! I still have my 1999 version that I probably need to recycle. When money was tight this summer I got one from the library to make my shopping list and then returned it. Yes, it was worth it.