January 11, 2010

You and Me

Ever been in a conversation where you were a little nervous and so you talked fast and said many words without saying much at all? Some days I feel like that girl here, on the blog. I do all the talking and you, well, you are the friend that just listens without getting a chance to say a word.

Well, I'm done being nervous. I'm yours, an open book, ready to converse. No more of this one sided conversation stuff. :)

This week, I thought I'd try to have more of a running conversation with YOU. Ready? Good. Let's get started.

I have 2 questions for you today. Tomorrow you get to ask me anything (so start thinking of your burning questions, silly or serious).

#1. Are you a snacker? If so, what time of day does the snack attack happen and what do you love to snack on?

#2. When you have free time at home I hear your snickering, what do you do.. besides read my blog? ;)
No, laundry and other chores do not count. Do you knit? Craft? Read? Surf the net? I really want to know.


C-re said...

I feel the same way on my blog! lol.

Q1: When I'm bored, I snack.
Q2: Ahh free time. I think I remember it. I knit, read or just take a long hot bath!

Joy for the Seasons said...

Fun idea!
1) My snack attack is around 3-4 p.m. Sometimes a cup of coffee with a delicious creamer suffices, other times a banana (trying to be healthy but it does not always work!), and lately I am enjoying Wheat Thins and hummus.
2) In my free time I like to read (books, magazines, blogs, whatever) and I also love making my melt and pour soaps.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think of myself as a snacker, but I've noticed that when the kids are at school I snack lunch, i.e. I eat a bite of several different things instead of just choosing one thing to have for lunch. I also snack on whatever I'm cooking when I'm in the kitchen.

If I could do anything I wanted with my free time at home, I'd read for hours and hours in a row. And then I might net surf for awhile.

Handmade Housewife... said...

Am I a snacker...absolutely, but then again I am pregnant in my defense :) And free time, what's that? Just kidding, but seriously if I have any I do vacuum, but then I usually sew. I think the last time I had time I started on a pair of pants for my son. That was maybe a week ago. I should probably finish them soon before he grows out of them!

ashley said...

I love your blog!

I am DEFinitely a snacker. Sometimes I'm not so proud of that fact! :) I snack on whatever I have on hand that's easy to get to... cherry tomatoes, crackers, kettle corn (YUM!), m&m's... :)

In my free time at home (which is only about an hour and a half total) I usually sit on my bottom and do NOTHING. It's my only chance to read blogs or watch TV guilt-free. I try not to feel guilty for not "getting things done", but for me personally, I need that time to recharge. I like to think it makes me a better mom.

Thanks for the fun questions!

Rachel said...

I am a snacker if I have something in my house that is worthy of snacking on (like doritos, yum) or if I haven't gotten full from the last meal. If I eat a skimpy lunch, then I'm a lot more likely to go hunting in the pantry in the afternoon. I'm trying to just make better meal choices up front, then avoid getting into trouble later.

Free time? What's that? I'm not sure I ever have free time, only procrastinating time. There are always chores to be done, but sometimes I just say forget them. During this time you're most likely to find me on my laptop. Since my biggest hobby right now is photography, I'm often editing photos or working on digital scrapbooking pages. Or reading blogs, looking for inspiration. So many crafty, creative friends = a lot of it!

Looking forward to seeing your answers tomorrow! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...


#1 I'm not much of a snacker. Unless there's Chex Mix in the house and then I can't quit til it's gone.

#2 If I have time alone I usually spend it trying to decide if I want to read, surf the net, nap, or watch a movie. I waste so much time trying to decide that I rarely enjoy any of the above. It's sick really.

Amber said...

OOOH. Fun. Although I like to hear you talk. :)

#1 -- You mean we aren't supposed to snack all day? There are times limited to snacking? Oh.Dear. I had no idea. And are we supposed to choose a favorite snack? Again. I had no idea. So much I learn over here, G. This is why I must keep hearing you talk to me. ;)

#2 -- Free time? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm a bloggy junkie. And Twitter. Or a nap. Naps are good. Very Very Good.

O Mom said...

Love reading your blog. I don't think you ramble really fast and say nothing at all. Infact I always get a very peaceful feeling from you. :)

I tend to want to snack in the afternoon, this is the time of day that I can lose it, if I'm trying to eat good. This past year I have gotten rid/stopped buying alot of the snacky stuff though. I wanted my kids (and me) to eat more fresh fruit & vegs.

I always read with my free time!!!

MysticFish said...

I am sooo an afternoon/evening snacker. In my spare time.. which right now is almost nothing because of the projects around the house, I ride my horse, and love to read.

The Lord Family said...

Fun stuff. May have to re-appropriate on my blog! ;)
I snack. Normally afternoon or evening. Trying to make better choices, like "Diana's Bananas". Have you heard of these? Dark chocolate frozen bananas. heavenly. They're BOGO this week at the Teeter, but apparently other folks have heard of them too. I've only been able to find ONE box. ONE. This is almost as bad as a Russian Tea emergency.

2. Free time. Usually, I end up wasting it because I'm so surprised I have it. But, I like to read blogs and work on my scrapbook pages (digital. the only way to go). I also like to hang out with Mr. Neal. I love him.


Bugs and Sunshine said...

You are so sweet first off.

1-chips and salsa is my favorite snack. anywhere. anytime. you bring the chips i'll bring the salsa. mmmmm.

2-read my bible, nap, browse decorating blogs

Gretchen said...

I'm more of a seeker than a snacker, except that i do eat lunch like Whimzie. A bite of this and a bite of that. On a garlic Triscuit, of course. I seek sweets. Should cut down/out. Haven't. sigh.

Lurve to sew quilts and blog and read novels. Also, like to do scrapbooking ,but have given over to the dark side of doing books on Snapfish--so they get finished before I die. ;)

Lurve the car we're driving.

Jenn A said...

I do snack. Sometimes I feel hungry all day and keep grabbing little snacks - a few wheat thins, some almonds, maybe a bit of chocolate (LOVE chocolate), or chips and salsa. I usually want a snack mid-afternoon for sure.

Free time? Well, I have a new baby so there isn't much of that, but I love to read when I get a few minutes. I also like to make cards and quilt, but those take bigger chunks of free time.

Suz said...

Snack time....oh yes. 3:00 hits and I hit the pantry. I try to keep healthy snack but the chex mix has caught up with me. Guess what? I have my moments when I have a bowl of cereal at night. I started this several years ago when I was pregnant and it seems like it has not gone away.

Free time.....well, not much of that around here. However, I do get a little time most afternoons. I love playing around with my photographs whether it is editing or digital scrapbooking. I must be honest too. I love my sleep. A nap in the afternoon is a wonderful thing!

By the way, I love the picture of the car.

Fun post. Hmmmm, what will I ask you?

Kellie said...

Definitely a snacker. My friend Marie lovingly makes fun of me and says I eat like a baby-- in small amounts, but all day long. And, as if I wasn't weird enough, its usually always at the same time. I can tell you when its 10:30 and 3pm, without looking at a clock because I will be hungry. I try to keep my between the meals snacking to healthful choices, but I have a MEAN sweet tooth, and I always have to have a little something sweet after lunch AND dinner. It doesn't have to be anything big, a few peanut m&m's will do, but only the yellow ones.

Seriously, I'm really not high maintenance.

What do I do in my free time? I blog, read blogs, knit, bake, run (so I can keep up with the snacking schedule, guilt free) and schedule coffee with friends....which by the way, when do you want to go?

Samantha said...

I snack at the worse possible time of day. Night mostly because that's when I'm home. I can't really snack while I'm at work. I try to make good choices like fruit, cheese, yogurt, ec. but sometimes you just gotta give into the cravings....

In my spare time(I consider this "me time" if that's what you mean) I scrapbook and read. oh and of course I read blogs;)

Kim said...

Yes I snack...around 3...only if I have something in the house :)

Free time...I am blessed to have some most days but still find these chores to fill my time:) Of course I love to take a long bath especially when it is cold!

Sandy M. said...

Well, my darling daughter, I could listen to you "ramble" forever, but I don't feel like you do that here or otherwise. (Wait, that car's not a Rambler, is it?)
#1 - Snack attack around 4 PM & again around 10 PM. Choice snacks: anything chocolate @ 4, nuts at 10.
#2 Read or catch up on blogs & FB.

Elizabeth said...

1) I am, or was, a big snacker to a fault. But I've been trying to limit snacks and lost 25 lbs. in the process, so I've pretty much eliminated that habit. But I do graze for lunch-a little of this and a little of that. Usually I eat turkey slices, cheese slices, popcorn, or nuts and dried fruit.

2) I would curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book everyday if I could. I don't do any crafts, but I do enjoy baking just for fun.

I think your blog is so peaceful!

Terri said...

Fun questions!
#1 snacking, ya I do and I shouldn't! I love salty things!

#2 I love to sew, but sometimes am not very organized. I feel like the whole house has to be clean in order to sew, and boy the house work wins! I do go to a quilting group from my church on every other Monday, and I turn a blind eye to everything and go, it is wonderful!

Have a great day!

Kay said...

#1 - I could snack all day long, no joke. but I don't, because then I don't want to eat at meal time and I LOVE meal times. But if I get the munchies it's usually in the afternoon and I often just grab a BITE of something. Like a bite-sized candy or a potato chip or something.

#2 - In the evenings I tend to find something on the tv to veg in front of - stupid movie on Hallmark, food network stuff, 10 Best Backyards in the World, whatever. Or I love to read. I read a lot of magazines, books, and the Internet.

Laura said...

1. Snacker, constant grazer, whatever you want to call it - Yes. I try to eat really light lunches so that I can "treat" myself to a sweet afternoon snack . I did hear that if you are ravished around 2 or 3 its b/c you may be dehydrated so try drinking more water before that time and see what happens.

2. I love to net surf great deals on everything from grocery deals to clothing and shoes and of course read what everyone else is doing on their blogs :) I also love to bake new sweet treats.

wendy said...

I have my morning snack at school - a cheesestick, but I am starving by the time I get home from school. It's my worst time of snacktivity. Right when I'm trying to get dinner ready. I try to keep a jar of dill pickles around for those moments.

Free time: scrapbooking when the mood hits, or baking, which isn't so good for my wasteline. I do have to say that I've made a couple of batches of granola using your recipe and just stocked up on supplies to make a whole bunch more :)