January 22, 2010

The Week's Top 10

10. Husband left for a manly hunting trip to Arkansas.
9. I threatened to dress in camo and hide among the 4-wheelers to hitch a ride so I could visit all of my Arkansas bloggy friends (give me a shout out if you are from the Greatest Duck Hunting state in the Union).
8. Headed to the NC mountains with 3 kids, 1 dog, homeschool materials and enough snow gear to line the inside of a cruise ship and head to Alaska.
7. Said dog puked no less than 5 times on the way.
6. The only place to pull off I-40 to clean up puke was Harper's Gentlemen's Club.
Fortunately the kids were so traumatized by the amount of regurgitation on the floorboard they didn't even notice the sordid place.
5. Enjoyed an afternoon of this:
Love this action shot

My dad trying to enjoy himself (heehee)

4. Despite the below-norm winter temperatures we've experienced throughout Dec-Jan, Wednesday chose to be warm enough to rain. Not snow. Rain.
Wednesday was our day to ski. Sniff, sniff.
3. Only blogged once. Sorry. I was on vacation... sort of.
2. Drove home in an ice storm (yes, the day after we had rain) and barely avoided a falling icy tree by 2 feet on the winding mountain road.
1. Stayed up until 1:30 a.m. last night to prepare for our first homeschool co-op. Procrastination at its best.

How was your week?


Kellie said...

Let's just say I'm glad it's Friday. LOL Glad y'all had a bit of fun even though you didn't get to go skiing!

Amy Kinser said...

So sorry about the dog throw up. ICK! So funny where you had to pull over.

Hope your hubby has a great time and you and the kids enjoy your weekend.

My week was great. My oldest daughter turned 15 and got her permit. Husband coming home from business trip to Florida tonight. Can't wait to see him. Have three extra teenage girls at my house tonight and tomorrow to play paintball. Yeah, these girls love paintball. They are all good girls who love the Lord. So thankful for christian friends for my children.

In Him...

Mich said...

thought I would stop by and say "hi." My sister, that Rascal Raiser, has often told me you are very creative and a fun blog to read.

Loved the pictures. Too much fun.

As a Arkansas girl, I have to agree...we like our camo around here.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip- and your co-op thingy! We had SO much fun with you guys last week- Loved watching the kids 'dance-off'! Love you guys!

Tracey said...

So glad you got to go to the mountains and have some winter fun!

You have now been officially inducted into the "Why do I wait until the last minute every.single.week?" homeschool co-op club.

Club motto :

It's not really a co-op if you aren't up past midnight preparing.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm from Arkansas!!!

And my brother-in-law is duck hunting this weekend (and next) trying to milk the rest of the season!!!

Sandy M. said...

Oh Girl, you had me laughing aloud & I already knew all of this! I love you!!!!

Joy for the Seasons said...

You are one adventurous gal!

Hope y'all enjoyed your co-op!

Vivian said...

As an Arkansasan, I am curious what part of Arkansas your husband in hunting. Is he visiting friends?

Just came across your blog. I plan to spend some time checking your archives.

Anonymous said...

I went to school and met your friend CPQ in Arkansas. Does that count?

Your week was exciting, that's for sure!!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Looks like fun! Sorry you didn't get to ski, though.

Terri said...

Yuk I don't like dog vomit! I think that would be the worst. I had a bad dog week! Our dog escaped twice thru a hole in the fence, guess my stick and twine didn't really fix it. Now I just dug in the going to the dump pile and put an old nightstand in front of the hole until my husband can fix it, yikes!
Sounds like you had fun anyway! So brave to drive in an ice storm!
Have a good week.

Suz said...

Ok, we were thinking of getting a dog in about a year or so. That just made me rethink the whole thing! Yikes. Poor dog.

Gretchen said...

Um, the other night (and I am so not kidding), I had a dream that the husband had accepted a job in Little Rock, so we had to move. Does that count?

Your trip, despite the emesis, looked like tons of fun. Glad you are safe. The only problem with skiing/etc. is the yucky road conditions on the way.

Carpool Queen said...

Yuck to sick dog, but yay for getting out of the house and doing fun stuff.

Glad the AR trip went off without a hitch. Looking forward to being regaled with stories of the one that got away.

Amber said...

Still wishing you had stowed away.

One day, girlie. One day. And I'll bust out the camo in honor of our meeting.