January 3, 2010

EASY winter craft

This craft is great for kids (over the age of 6) and requires only 2 supplies:
A paper towel tube and yarn.
That's it.

Let's get started...
Cut the tube into 1/2" rings.

Cut SEVERAL 10" pieces of yarn (color of your choice). I found it easier to wrap it around a book before cutting .

Using one 10" piece, fold it in half and slide the loop up into the middle of the ring.

Bring the ends up through the "hook" of the loop around the ring and pull to tighten.

Continue to add pieces of yarn, making the loop knots for each one.

When you get done, it will look like a little hula skirt, or beard, or sea urchin.

Take the ends of the beard and push them (all of them, but not all at once, if you don't want) up through the middle of the ring.
Now there should be a "band" around the ring.
Pull all of the strings tight and tie one string around the bottom (about 2" from the band)
Snip the tops of the strings to create the ball for the top of your MINIATURE STOCKING CAP
Isn't that just adorable?!

It is a fun, easy craft, with minimal mess (holla), and doesn't require a lot of brain cells.


Beth said...

Very cute!

Janet said...

That is so cool! The pictures are great for this visual person!

Joy for the Seasons said...

That is too cute!

Dawn said...

oh! that is very cute! and looks very easy! i am wishing i hadn't thrown out that last wrapping paper tube!

Amber said...

Could that be any cuter? I think not.

And that kind of crafty I can hang with.

O Mom said...

I wasn't sure where this project was going, but oh how cute! I wonder if it will fit on the girls' Barbies?

Kim said...

Can't wait to try this with the kiddos!

Gretchen said...

Waaay darling.

Sandy said...

Getting started on next year's ornaments early I see.... Cute!
See you later, Mudflapper!

Anonymous said...

very cute

Kelli said...

Making these cuties will be so much fun. Thanks for sharing!!!