January 28, 2010

Travel and Admiration

I'm still working my way through the questions from Ask-Away-Day. You girls did great with the questions... lots of variety!

My new bloggy friend Kay asked: Why don't you tell us where you took your favorite vacation. Was it a family trip, couple or solo? How long was it and what made it so special?
Our most recent family trip to Maine ranks up there at the top. But if I had to choose one trip, it would be my trip to Europe last winter with my traveling buddy (my mom). Specifically Fussen, Germany and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. Both are quaint, old (as in 700 years old!) cities, rich in history, with amazing views, and charm. We were able to spend 7 days in Germany, visiting my brother who happened to be deployed there at the time(tough deployment, wink wink). He was our tour guide and chauffeur. It was a fantastic trip. I highly recommend visiting Germany in the winter. It is the "off" season so the crowds are low and it is gorgeous. The picture above was taken from the Neuschwanstein Castle. My hubby doesn't like to fly but he encourages me to travel and enjoy the world. I love that man!

Samantha asked: Besides the obvious(God, Jesus, and your mom) who is/are you role model/s? People you look up to, admire, respect, and strive to be like. Why?
I've learned that people (including myself) will always disappoint if I expect too much {perfection} from them. Therefore, I cautiously answer this question. The first person that comes to mind is Beth Moore. Not only has she written numerous books and speaks to thousands each year, she is REAL. She's funny, in love with Jesus, beautiful inside and out, and caring. Unlike some big-name speakers, I've watched her join women in the crowd, get down on her knees and love on them. She's not pretentious or condescending. She is transparent and joyful. Most of all, she is IN LOVE with her Savior. I want that ... desperately.
I admire Alyssa Ann at Resolved to Worship, not only because she is an amazing photographer, mother of 7 beautiful children, and has a surreal ability to turn trash to treasure, but because she is wise beyond her years. I always feel refreshed and encouraged after visiting with her.
Ree ranks up there too, with her ability to cook, write, homeschool, blog, and take amazing photographs... everything I want to be able to do when I grow up. ;)

These were such good questions, I want to ask you the same:
1. Favorite vacation destination?
2. Who do you admire and why?


Joy for the Seasons said...

I have always loved your photos from Europe and thank you for sharing them on your blog.
1) We love Emerald Isle and the Boone/Blowing Rock area.
2) I admire my hubby for his work ethic, integrity, great logic ability, wisdom, and his natural way with kids. :)

Samantha said...

Thanks for you honest answers. I agree completly. People often do let us down. We are not perfect. I don't admire people because of their perfection more because of they way they choose to lead their life, even in the hard times. Because of that I will say of the people I know, those I admire most are; my mom, because of her hardworking nature, her faith, and her endless love. My sister, for so many reasons. Mostly for her friendship, understanding, wisdom. My husband, because he has grown so much in the 15+ years we have been together. He is dependable, and truly a great husband and Dad. The love of my life. He makes me proud. There are also several different people who I've never met in real life that I admire. I often read their blogs;) they inspire me daily by sharing their lives with us through the good and bad, the laughter and the tears.

My favorite vacation was a trip we took down east to the Bay of Fundy. I will never forget my daughter's precious little dance and song as she pranced around the ocean floor while the tide was out, or my son screaming, "I'm The Muddiest Boy In The World!" as he raced around Hopewell Rocks.(He was COVERED from head to toe)

Mom said...

1. I admire YOU! Because I see God's faithfulness in your life as you juggle so many things so well (I know there are times that you don't feel that way... but that's either fatigue or the Holy Spirit telling you to lay something down... I know from experience!) I admire the relationship you have w/your DH, the tenderness you have w/your precious little ones, the sweet friend you are to many (even ME!), the creative person you are, your love for the Lord, & how great you are at juggling all the facets of your life.
2. My favorite vacation has to have been our trip to Germany/Austria/Italy last year. It was a memory of a lifetime! I'd do it again!!!

Amber said...

Ooooh....good questions. And super good answers!!!

My favorite place to vacay is the beach. Any beach. Doesn't matter. Hot. Sand. Sun. Water. The only thing I don't like is that whole swimsuit business, but I sacrifice gracefully for the good of a beach chair and a magazine.

Beth Moore is also one of my role models. Her heart for Jesus inspires me. But I'm with you. I try to not hole people up too high on pedestals. It's just farther for them to fall.

I love you heart, G. And I want to be like you when I grow up! ;)

Carpool Queen said...

I love any place I've never been and I'm always looking for the next location.

I admire a lot of different people for different reasons. I think I most admire people with strong leadership characteristics - I love to learn from them.

Gretchen said...

I hope that amazing picture is in a frame, adorning your house. Or mine, either way. :)

I, too, lurve Europe. My favorite destination, though--if I had to pick--would be Maui. I especially love it during February. Mostly because that's when the humpback whales are the thickest. It's breeding and birthing time at that time of year, and not only is it spectacular to see a grown whale breech or fin slap, but seeing a baby do it feels so incredibly life-affirming to me. Weird, perhaps.

Admiration is spread between many of my mentors--some of whom are much younger than me. Beth Moore is a terrific choice. Even though I've only seen her on video, her love for Jesus and her neighbor (us) is so evident. I think admiration comes from a changed perspective--on any particular thought I might be having.