January 26, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere

I love to move furniture. Love. It. This table has been used in almost every square inch of our family room/foyer. Hello, my name is NEM and I have an addiction. It is now back to its original spot out of necessity. I'll explain in a moment. However, by moving it I had the task of coming up with something tall because it is now in our foyer which has 20' ceilings. To give you a little perspective, that round wicker bowl is about 30" in diameter. I had some sticks in my upstairs hallway and tried them out. At about 4' tall they fixed the height issue. It's kind of a nice neutral look for winter, too.

Yesterday I touched on decorating for winter. Another thing I like to do is pull out my winter art. (I don't have art for other seasons, just winter. They are my grandfather's handiwork and he must have loved winter).
See these cute winter acorns? I found them at Ross $3.99 for 3. I think they were supposed to be giant ornaments, but I thought they would be great for winter.
Back to my moving furniture thing. I don't have ADD, really. My children are growing, much to fast, if you ask me, and they decided to outgrow their little desks in the schoolroom over Christmas break. So I gave up my desk for the greater good of my children's learning needs. This left me with no place to sit and pretend like I am watching tv with the kids work on the computer in the family room. So we moved this secretary from the foyer into the family room.
Hello friends. This is where we chat everyday. Right here. :)

See the 3rd acorn? More of my grandfather's winter scenes, too.
Do you like to move furniture? Why or why not?


Richella said...

I mostly leave things in place. . . which means it's easy for me to get into a rut! But once I find a place where a piece really works, it's usually there to stay.

I like your grandfather's art!

And yes, yesterday turned out to be really pretty after all. Made me even more ashamed of my early complaining!

Have a great day!

Amber said...


The dust bunnies that are permanently housed under most pieces of my furniture is evident of the fact that I don't move it.


Again....come to Arkansas and help me.

Elizabeth said...

It's funny you bring this up, because i love to move furniture. In fact, I re-arranged my entire living room by myself yesterday. But then I promptly moved it all back because it looks best the way I already had it. I've decided I just need new stuff!

I love the acorns. PInecones and acorns are one of my favorite things to decorate with.

O Mom said...

I love to move the furniture around. Our house is on the small side though so there's not a lot of room to move, but I try. Even the kids' rooms...... :)

ashley said...

I would LOVE to move furniture around, if I could. Our house is pretty small, and most of our furniture only works one way, especially due to location of plugs and vents on the floor (don't want to cover them up!). If I was able to, I would probably want to rearrange furniture at least every 6 months. It kind of makes it feel like you're in a whole new house! So, I'm with ya! :)

Terri said...

Your Grandfathers art is so nice! We have some paintings from my husbands grandfather on our walls and they are just so special. People always comment on them.

I don't move furniture around much at all, seems like it is kind of set in stone!

Thanks for the fun questions!

Rachel Cox said...

We are still in our mid twenties (although my hubby is approaching that late twenties mark! ha!) and well, every stick of furniture we have is a hand me down. =( So I am anxiously awaiting the day when we get a new home that can be decorated from SCRATCH! Oh the joy!

And then yes, I am sure I will move things around often! As a child, I would change up my room every 6 months or so. =)

Nichole said...

Very cute acorns!

I love to rearrange our furniture. It's the cheapest way to redecorate!

Kellie said...

I do not like to move furniture because I do not like change. lol Just ask my best friend who came over and moved my entire living room around only to come back a few days later and it was all back the way it was. I'm getting better, but still not good on change. HA!!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I love those acorns and what a special thing to have your grandfather's artwork!

I love to move furniture around but my house is set up weird so I have a hard time with new placement of pieces.

Sandy M. said...

IF there was a way to move any, I'd love to... but you know the layout over here isn't conducive to that.
Love the hutch in that spot! That piece is a beautiful treasure!
I TOLD you those kids were a'growin'!!! But, I guess you knew that too...!! Love you!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Beautiful!!! You have a knack for decorating.

I'm REALLY dying to know what the pain color in that last picture is? On the wall behind your secretary? LOVE it...so warm and inviting. Do you remember what it's called?

Gretchen said...

@mer@lifeat7000feet: It's "paint", not "pain". Lurve you, so I had to give you a hard time.

But I'd like to know the color, too. And lurve all your creative ideas. You use space so well!