September 19, 2013

September Glory

I took a walk with my camera this week...  
 Our property and the adjoining pasture is filled with yellow wild flowers.  I have them all over my house right now.  Good thing none of us are allergic!
Have I mentioned how much I love old barns?

I tried out the panoramic feature of my phone (which I didn't even know I had).  

 This is the view from my side of the pond.  I spend every moment possible soaking in this sight.

 I hope you are enjoying a beautiful September day.  Hugs!!


Gayle said...

What a lovely piece of property you have. I'm a camera buff, and love capturing nature, too. Nothing like the Great Outdoors.

Erin said...

What wonderful pictures! :) E

Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures!

Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures!