September 9, 2013

Amazingly Easy Shaving Cream Craft

You know it is a success when the kids say that was REALLY fun and ask to do it again.

Supplies needed:
1 can of shave cream (not gel!)
acrylic paint in various colors
toothpick or wooden skewer
white cardstock paper
paper plate

1. Spread a thin layer of shaving cream foam over the paper plate. 
2. Add drops of color and swirl with a skewer or toothpick.  Be careful not to swirl too much because it will become a plate of brown goo.

You may be tempted to stop right there and call it a day because, really, this is beautiful art!

3. Cut out a simple shape and gently place it face down onto the plate 'o magic.

 We experimented with different color combinations and shapes.

4. Let dry, and enjoy your masterpiece!

 The house smells very manly-clean when you get done!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Shut up! That is SOOOOOO cool.

I am usually anti-craft BUT this is one that looks very, very, doable and super fun!


Erin said...

Very cool, might have to make that a track-out project! :) E

Kellie said...

Hmmm.... I may be seeing this in the future of my classroom.... with all 18 of those precious ones. This is neat!