September 19, 2012

Paint or Stain? You vote!

We finished the ceiling of our keeping room in a tongue and groove knotty pine.
I had envisioned white clapboard style.  My husband, and every other man that has entered the house has said, "ooh, you're going to stain that, right?"
 So, I ask you:  Paint or stain?  Keep in mind the floor is hardwood.  I'm curious to find out your preference. :)

One of my favorite little details of the house is this antique stained glass window.
On the original plan, we put a transom window in this spot.  However, when we got the window estimate, the transom was going to be $500.  Huh, wha??  So my brilliant husband suggested I find an antique window instead.  I love him so much.
My style is very simple, so I was giddy when I found this gem.  I even bartered the price down to $90.  Hello.  I just saved $410!!!

Things are moving along at the speed of light.  Yesterday, I arrived at the house to find an army of men working on everything from paint (woop woop!), to driveway, to exterior lights.
Our future family room

Over the weekend the hardwood floors were installed, interior doors hung, and my kitchen cabinets were installed.  Squeal!!! It's starting to feel like H.O.M.E.

So, paint or stain??


Sandy said...

Stain, please!! It's beautiful wood!

Elizabeth P. said...

Stain!! Not everyone has gorgeous wood ceilings. You'll either love it forever or enjoy if for years & then decided you need a change & paint it. Either way staining gives you more options! :)

Thoughts for the day said...

Leave it alone...I like it.

Anonymous said...


from your Dad and Paul's buddy

emily bennett said...

Todd and I both like the ceiling the exact way it is.... but since you asked paint or stain...

Todd says stain.

Emily has no idea. Emily is indecisive and terrible at interior decorating. She will go back and forth until she is blue in the face.

Question- what color is the hardwood? Dark? What color will the walls be? That would help in the decision. Painting it white would make the room have that really open, roomy feeling, whereas staining it will close the room in more and make it a little cozier.

What the heck is a transom?

Bree said...

stain (natural)! beautiful!! congrats on your lovely home and new season of life-so exciting to follow a dream the Lord has laid upon your hearts!

Kellieab said...

I would say paint, but it looks like I'm outnumbered. :)

KR said...

STAIN!!! It's gorgeous! Doesn't matter that the floor is hardwood. You won't regret not covering that beautiful wood with paint.

Emily said...

I second all of Emily's thoughts and lean towards painting it white myself : )

Anonymous said...

STAIN!! :-)

I can't believe how quickly your home is coming along! I love watching and can't help but wish ours was making such progess! We are in the plumbing and pulling electric stage. My hubby is doing most of the work himself - with help - and it just feels like it's taking a long time. But it WILL be worth it!!

Sorry, I get sidetracked!

STAIN it! :-)

Jennifer, NC

Shannon Dingle said...

I'm leaning toward stain. If the ceiling was lower, I would pain instead, because a stained ceiling could make the ceiling close in on you, but the height of this brings staining back into the options. All that said, I really think you can't go wrong. I mean, it's gorgeous! And it still will be, whether it is stained or painted.