September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

Very few books change my life (besides the Bible) but one of the most influential books I've ever read is this.  She calls out the lack of regulations on the cosmetic industry.  She also provides an amazing, expansive list of good products.  I've fought the clear-skin battle my whole life.  After reading the book, I realized that I was completely misled in what I thought was good skin care.  I've been using Cetaphil, thanks to Paula for about 3 years now and it is amazing.  Next time you're at Target, pick up a bottle.  I can almost guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results.

 Paula also wrote a book about hair care (which I believe is out of print.)  I recently ordered this conditioner from her website.  My hair feels so incredibly soft without feeling greasy at the roots.  I would recommend this a thousand times over.  It happens to be 50% off right now.

 I know all of the delicious fall flavors have (finally) hit the shelves at Bath and Body Works. However, I needed something for my car, but a car full of pumpkin cupcakes gives me a headache.  I happened upon this scent and it is AMAZING.  Every time we get in the car, my girls say, "I smells like a really cute guy in here."  Ahh, they keep me laughing.  Mahogany Leather smells like a new car (with a cute guy driving it).  ;)

My kids are getting ready to study the Civil War.  I love a good historical fiction, so this book  is perfect for getting me in the groove.  Actually, it's a great book that anyone who enjoys historical fiction would enjoy.  Lynn Austin happens to be the author of my all time favorite series.  She did not disappoint with this 3-part series either.

Happy Friday, Ya'll!!!


Amy Kinser said...

I love reading people's favorite things...thanks for sharing.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

gonna go check out the cute guy air freshener-lol lol lol!!!

have you smelled leaves at bath and body. mmmm, such a fantastic fall smell!