August 30, 2012

Pinner Winners

I personally believe that Pinterest is the most wonderful thing ever created, well, next to Swiss Cake Rolls.  I thought I'd start, on a regular basis, sharing some of the amazing things I have discovered.  No need for me to keep all this goodness to myself!  ;)

1. Pinned to "My Room Ideas"
 Kiki's List shows this gorgeous and brave room transformation.  I love the color combo.  So happy and brave.  Did I mention how brave she is to paint the ceiling?!  Love it!!!

2. Pinned to "My Yard and House Ideas"
 Becky, from Organizing Made Fun created an amazing workspace in her shed.  I love, love, love the idea of a painted peg board!  So many possibilities: the garage, the barn, my office...

3. Pinned to "My Food Possibilities"
Southern Plate gives a great recipe for Slow Cooker Coke Chicken.
I made it this week (with a few alterations) and it was a big hit at Casa de NEM.
I didn't have Coke, so we used grape Fanta.  I substituted a lime for the lemon, and used boneless chicken.  We shredded it and served it on buns.  Success!

4. Pinned to "My Organized Life"
Julie from Kreative Jewels is brilliant!  I love this clever way to store ribbon!

5. Pinned to "My Accessories"
Selina Lake used these for a photo shoot but they gave me an idea: paint my own curtain rods in FUN colors!!!  This will look adorable in my girls' rooms!

So, what's your favorite pin this week?  Do share!

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