August 28, 2012

Do We Have to Have Water?

We were asking ourselves that question last week as we dug our THIRD well.  Did you know that digging a well is one of the most expensive items when building a house?  We dug three, so we suddenly began knocking things off our list.  We can't live without water, but we can live without stamped concrete on the front porch.  
We hit water (beautiful, gushing water) and my husband cried with relief.  It reminded me of several novels I've read over the years where farmers prayed for rain or dug dry wells in the midst of a drought.  

Things are moving right along on the inside!  Our plumbing and electrical are roughed in.  Which means they've done all the inside-the-walls work they can do.  Next up: a roof and then sheetrock!!!
My boy standing at my "kitchen sink" window. 

This is our future mudroom.  I happen to think a mudroom is the most necessary room in the house when you live on a farm. ;)

People have often asked, "what are you doing different in this house than your last?"
Here is my answer:
 A keeping room off the kitchen.  It's smaller than a family room, but just the right size for a cozy conversation.  See that silver board that runs behind the fireplace?  I learned how to hang insulation behind there this weekend. Woop woop!

We're moving right along on the outside too:

 The front is shaping up nicely.  No, this is not the final color for the front.  The shingles just happen to come in tan and the siding just happens to come in grey.  This week they are putting on the roof.  Did I mention we're having a metal roof?  Oh the sound of rain on a tin roof makes me smile!


KR said...

Oh my! It's gorgeous. So excited for you.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

the keeping room makes me so excited for you. i bet that is where you'll spend all your time. it looks like you can see the fireplace from the kitchen, is that right?

it is looking so charming and adorable already!

Anna M said...

What a beautiful house! I loved the experience of building our farmhouse--and seeing your progress reminds me of that. Oh and you're going to love your metal roof--but if your house is like our's and well-insulated you won't hear that ping ping of rain on the roof as much as you think (or at least we don't).

Jodee said...

How exciting! Everything looks great! They just started framing our new house yesterday.

Angie said...

It's coming along so quickly! Thanks for sharing all the in progress photos.