August 3, 2012

Fun in the Details

 Doncha love it when things just come together?  I had ordered this hot pink duvet cover from PB Teen clearance for my daughter's room.  Last week as I perused the IKEA aisles, I found these matching curtains. Hello 98" long!!!  $12.95 a PAIR.  Seriously, I couldn't buy fabric that cheap!  I was wondering how I would hang panels in her room on a tight budget, since she has two windows.  The other IKEA shoppers may have cast a strange glance as I squealed in delight.  So for $26 I got FOUR  98" panels.

While we're on the subject of fabric, I bought a yard of each of these .  I'm not sure where/how I am going to use them, but I couldn't resist.  Aren't they fun?!

We've stared at our plans for 13 months.  Tweaked here and there.
Dreaming, planning, tweaking.
Progress is being made and it is a wonderful sight!
I'll show progress pics next time.  My husband is doing an amazing job on our dream.  He has the tough job of scheduling all of the trades while I have the fun job of picking out the fun stuff.


Richella said...

Yes, the details are the fun part! :)

I haven't been to IKEA in awhile. I was thinking the other day that it would be fun to make a trip back over there. I've only ever gone when I've had a specific mission!

Karen said...


Tracey said...

So very exciting!! Can't wait to see the finished product, but looking forward to the blog posts along the way!!

efulk said...

Ooh, I love GRONSKA PRICKAR!! :) haha!
I think your dream is coming along so beautifully, and know that as beautiful as it will be in all the building and details, the true beauty is from the family that will be living there and the warmth you all share with everyone so freely!! :) love you guys! erin