July 30, 2012

Will There Be a Chick in My Scrambled Eggs?

Now that we're in the egg business, I get asked that question a lot.  I always answer with, "don't feel silly for asking.  I asked the same question before we started down this path."
Have you ever cracked an egg and found a half developed chick?  Shudder.  It ranks right up there with cleaning up an overflowing toilet, doesn't it?

So here's a little Egg Production 101
Chickens produce eggs just like the human female body produces eggs when she ovulates.  Like the human eggs, chicken eggs will not produce a baby (chick) without fertilization.  They will remain eggs unless fertilized by a rooster.  It's a simple equation.
No rooster = no baby chicks.
It's also a great segue into THE talk with kids.  I actually loved taking the "nature" approach with that conversation.

If you are purchasing eggs from your local farmer, it's worth asking if their roosters have access to the hens.  At least you will know what to expect when you crack open your farm fresh eggs.
We do not have roosters with our hens, so if you are purchasing eggs from us, the answer will be, "you never have to worry about finding a chick in your scrambled eggs."


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Thanks for educating me!!

Are those your baby chicks? They are so tweet! haha

Bugs and Sunshine said...

My son wants to know how much you sell your eggs for :).

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

And now I know! Love it!