July 19, 2012

Back Online

I've been borrowing sketchy internet service, visiting my parent's house, and/or spending a few extra minutes at the local Starbucks to reply to emails for almost a month.  While I adore my iphone, it isn't the most efficient when wanting to read blogs, write blogs, or send mass emails; not to mention the internet shopping I need to do since we are a week away from beginning the new school year and I still haven't purchased all of our schoolbooks.
My husband is brilliant when it comes to practical thinking, but would be perfectly content if the world rid itself of all things techy. :)  So, much to my surprise, he came up with the idea of using my iphone as a hotspot to be able to blog.  
The heavens parted and the angels sang.
Actually, the heavens did part and we watched a majestic display yesterday at the pool as the thunder clouds rolled in.  I think God's favorite color must be blue.  Every creature on earth gets to enjoy that color.  Deep, I know.  ;)

On Saturday I had a little teeny road trip ALONE to Hobby Lobby.  I was on a mission to find knobs for our new house.  There were so many to choose from!
 I was able to get all of our kitchen knobs and pulls as well as the knobs for the kids' bathrooms... at 50% off!!!  Woot woot!  (None are pictured above, but see what I mean about the cuteness abounding?!)

This was in my fortune cookie this week.  Not that I get a fortune cookie every week.
How about that?!  What a great perspective on life!

This little guy has been hanging out at our pool this summer.  My kids say he's blowing bubble gum when he does this.  Actually, it's a mating call.
 Guess it's working...
yeah.  That awkward moment when National Geographic interrupts pool time fun and provides tons of questions from my 8 year old son.  Fabulous.


Kimberly said...

So glad your back online!!! I've been going thru withdrawals. Praying for your journey my sweet friend!

Mom said...

So glad you got that picture of the clouds! It turned out really good. What beauty!