July 10, 2012

The Intentional Summer

We only have 18 times to create summer memories for our children.  15 if you're counting the ones they will remember.  What do you want your kids to remember?  I hope mine will remember lazy days by the pool, cookouts with friends and family, trips to the beach, and quiet afternoons filled with adventures found within the pages of a good book.  

As with most seasons of life, if I am not intentional, summers will slip by without warning.  I am realizing that we're on the short side of the timeline with my oldest.  In 5 summers, we will be packing her up for college.  Suddenly being intentional becomes imperative.

Intentionally relaxed.
Intentionally enjoying the season.
Intentionally making the most of a carefree day.
Intentionally creating memories filled with laughter, rolled in summer goodness.

 Our summer looks a little different this year because amid the pool fun and watermelon seeds we are weaving the new house decisions.  Visits to the cabinet shop and faucet choices are thrown in the mix.  I am having to find balance between the necessary and the intentional.  :)

 What is your favorite summer activity?


Bugs and Sunshine said...

I'm so excited your baaaack!!!!

I've missed your awesome, encouraging posts sister!!

And your new layout is Oh So Cute!!

Mom said...

Being in the pool with you & your kids, interspersed w/some ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Camping at the beach! It's my go to God spot :)

Sara said...

Good reminder for me! I get so bogged down with life and busy-ness that I often forget how fleeting this time is with the kids!

Kellie said...

We are like that, too, in the summer. I just want to enjoy being together without having to go somewhere all of the time. I do that enough during the school year. :)

Our favorite thing? Hmmm.... I think just being together no matter where we are. :)