July 28, 2012

300,000 Meals, 7 inches, 2000 miles, 25 years, and 1000 Calories

What do those five things have in common?  My week at a glance!

300,000 MEALS
Last weekend we had the privilege of being part of FEED THE HUNGER.  Our team's goal was to pack 300,000 meals in two days.

 It took an army of hard workers but we met our goal!  If you ever have a chance to be involved in New Direction's Feed the Hunger ministry do it!  They are very prepared and organized and have all of the equipment to meet FDA approval (hence the hairnets).
 We can't afford for our family to go to Africa right now, but this was an awesome way to allow my kids to be the hands and feet of Christ from thousands of miles away.

 I got seven inches of hair cut off.  You know me, go big or go home!  ;)
Yes, I'm still getting used to it and every once in a while think, "what did I do?!"  But so far, I'm enjoying my new do and appreciating the extra minutes it gives me in the morning.

I spent 4 days with my college roommate and enjoyed every single minute.  We used to say that we couldn't complete a sentence because of our little ones interrupting us.  This weekend it was just the two of us and we realized that it is now age (and loss of motherhood brain cells) that is the problem.  We made up for unfinished sentences with hours of deep conversation, laughs, and yummy Greek food.

2,000 MILES
That's how far this sweet bloggy friend traveled for the She Speaks conference and lunch with ME!  When people question the if people are real on their blogs, all I have to do is tell them about the sweet friendships the Lord has given me through bloggy world.  Bugs N Sunshine is just as fun/adorable/sweet in real life as she is on my computer screen.  
I totally had to take a bite of humble pie to post this photo.  She looks fabulous, but I still hadn't learned how to do mastered my new haircut.  So yes, I know I look like a pinhead, but I'm on a learning curve. 


 Okay, so technically it's 30 years but anyways, that's how long I've known these sweet girls.  They took a little trip and met me in the middle of nowhere for a three hour drink of coffee.  We hadn't seen each other in over 20 years, so the reunion was SWEET.

The total calories, give or take, in my breakfast on Tuesday.  Spent some time in the Ikea Market while waiting for the showroom to open.  It was a great way to end my weekend filled with memories to cherish!


ashley said...

I LOVE your haircut!!! Love love love.

Mom said...

I love your new haircut! I thought it was beautiful before, but this also looks so very cute on you.

So glad you got a weekend away to visit with some "old" friends & meet a new friend. We had a ball while you were there!

Karen said...

Love the new hair! Very cute! Very chic!

the bennetts said...

love love LOVE your hair!!! i wondered if you'd take the plunge after M whacked hers off! it looks fabulous, and you're doing a great job styling it- cannot wait to see it in person!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Meeting you was one of the top highlights of my trip! You are amazing and I'm loving the new hair!!! Thanks for coming to lunch, it was a real treat!

We've been in transition mode ever since I got back. Shane's been gone nearly a month this summer and we are slow-going with getting back in a routine! Whew!