July 9, 2012

Where Are You Staying While You Build Your House?

I feel as though I've answered this question a million times.  But the fact that it has been such an incredible God thing keeps me smiling each time I share it!

When we first began thinking about building a new home, one of the biggest obstacles was finding affordable housing for the few months between selling our current home and finishing the next one.  This is the third home we've built and the previous two temporary housing details were worked out perfectly.  When we built our first home, my husband and I were working full time, so we lived with my parents.  It worked out well because we would all leave early in the morning and enjoy dinner together (usually homemade by my mom who happens to be a wonderful cook.)  Spoiled rotten. :)
With our second build, we were able to sell and then rent back our house from the buyers.

This time, the Lord provided again!  Now that we have 5 people in our family, we knew living with someone else would be too much togetherness.  My husband has an amazing aunt and uncle that contacted us when we first put our house on the market.  They live about a mile from our house and offered for us to live in their house while we build.  They happen to have a gorgeous mountain house and offered to move there while we live in their house here.  Am I confusing you yet?  ;)

Basically the only things we had to move into their home were our clothes, necessities, and school stuff.  Everything else is in storage.  Isn't that amazing?  No sorting through boxes and trying to figure out which pots and pans I would need for our temporary digs.  It's a furnished house and we are loving every minute!

My girls are learning togetherness as they share a room.  I think it's great!  They will appreciate their new rooms - and space- even more.  The home sits deep in the woods of a cute little neighborhood and we love the quiet setting.  We even have some unusual neighbors:
Yes, it's an albino deer and she hangs out with the other deer that live in our yard.
God is good!


the bennetts said...

Oh Gretch. Praise the Lord- He is so good to provide for you!

cannot wait to see your new home.

Annnnnd we got a taste of your mom's homecooked goodness this past week- you are NOT lying. YUM!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE stories like these as it reminds me that God is ALWAYS in the details, we just have to trust Him :)

truth in weakness said...

soo, does this mean i missed my window of opportunity to ask that question? . . . DRAT! ;)

God is so creative, isn't He? thx so much for sharing this beautiful testimony of His goodness. recently, i read this about God's name, Jehovah Jireh (God provides):

"After the sacrifice was complete, Abraham named the place "The Lord Will Provide" which in Hebrew is YHWH-jireh. "Jireh" translates into "Provide" which is a word with wonderful Latin roots. Pro means "before" and video means "to see". So it means to see in advance or before the need is known. God is preparing an answer before we know that it is a need . . ."

that's exactly what He did here, & i love it!!

happy for you guys,

Kellie said...

That is awesome!! What a wonderful "be still" place God has provided for you after months of the stress of having to have everything "just perfect" for any moment's notice. What a blessing!