August 11, 2012

Making Progress

We closed on our house Friday, June 29th and broke ground on Monday, July 2.  Over the last 5 1/2 weeks, we have seen incredible progress.
The kids standing in the floor at the "front door" July 24th

 The first floor goes up, July 27th.

No, this isn't our house. ;) This is my inspiration house.  I am sure they probably called the police as I stalked their house several times before remembering my zoom lens to take a picture.  I really liked the "barn" roofline.

 This is my version of the barn roofline.   It was so much fun designing a house from scratch.  Totally loved it!!!  (August 3rd)

 Our windows arrived and definitely help complete the farmhouse look I was going for.
Today we worked on the back porch and deck.  Some dear, hardworking friends toiled alongside us.  Well, the boys hammered while the girls picked up trash and swept out the house.  There is something very rewarding about putting our own sweat and muscle into our future home.


Richella said...

Gretchen!! How cool!! I'm sure you know that your "barn" roof is called a gambrel roofline. It's very typical of Dutch colonial architecture. We lived in Michigan for seven years (lots of Dutch settlers there!) and our house was a Dutch colonial built in 1918. Oh, how I loved that house!

I'm so excited for you. I think it's wonderful that you designed the house and now you're getting to work in some aspects of the construction. What a joy it's going to be for all of you to move into this special house!

Bugs and Sunshine said...


Oh, I canNOT wait to see how you decorate.

What a gift from God and your land is gorgeous!

Karen said...

Wow! It's beautiful!

SweetPepperRose said...

Wow a new house, how exciting!

Jodee said...

How exciting! We just broke ground too! However, now we are desperately trying to get our house sold!

The Corbett Family said...

So excited for this to be unfolding for you! Love the roof line and can't wait to see the finished product both inside and out with all of your great ideas and creative touches.

Kellieab said...

Your home is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your pics when your home is completed!

Selena said...

Looks like you bought the perfect property! Anyone who thinks you are crazy for moving out "into the sticks" is crazy themselves. :)