November 4, 2010

May I Suggest... {book edition}

Even though I want to do a "May I Suggest" post on all of the yummy fall delights I recently found at Trader Joes, I decided it would be better for us all if I chose something a little less fattening. :)My first suggestion is my ALL time FAVORITE series.  There are five books in the Chronicles of the Kings series and trust me, you will wish there were more.  A friend suggested the series to me and  I waited about a year before trying it because it didn't fit into my typical genre of choice.  This series stretches to almost every reader's preference.  My dad loved the series as much as my mom and I.  Seriously, you need to give it a try.  Our local public library carries the series.  Here's a close up of the first book:

 My favorite author boasts many titles I could suggest to you, but if you haven't read this one, I'd try it first.  Francine Rivers writes in a manner that you don't want to put the book down.  Even to feed your offspring.

Enough about me.  :)   We found this next book in our church library.  Remember the "Where's Waldo?" books?  This is the Bible story version of it.  My little boy loves any kind of I Spy book, so this was a fun way to read some truths while he looked for the clues.

This children's book by the same authors of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See" is a great rhyming book for the pre-K children in your life.  I think it would make a neat gift, too.
 Each page is filled with beautiful colors as it travels through the characters of the Bible.

We just discovered this series.  There are at least 12 books in the Time Warp Trio series, probably more.  We started with this one because we had just studied gladiators in history.  I read it aloud to my 1st grader, so it is probably written for a 3rd grade reading level.  He loved it.  There's enough boy humor to keep him laughing and enough history to keep me happy.

I'm always looking for a new good book.  Have any suggestions?  How about a favorite kids book?


Sandy said...

Thank you for the recommendations. Love Francine Rivers and Redeeming Love.

Angel said...


Francine Rivers is a favorite of mine. As is M.L. Tyndall with her Christian pirate books:) Another good book I read recently was The Gentleman Poet by Kathryn Johnson (shipwreck, Shakespeare, romance, historical fiction).

As a child I loved The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Sign of the Beaver, My Side of the Mountain,Gary Paulsen books, Nancy Drew, and Poppy. Currently my boys are enjoying Dragonspell, a Christian fantasy allegory by Donita K. Paul.

Hope you find some good reads among the suggestions:)

Kellie said...

Great books! We have Adam, Adam What Do You See? and I read it a zillion times to the kiddos when they were small. I LOVE Redeeming Love... read that book in like 18 hours! I am currently reading Francine Rivers series on the Priest, Prophet, Prince, etc..

Have you ever read anything by Brock and Bodie Thoene or Michael Phillips? They are 3 of my favorite authors.

Victoria said...

I highly recommend the Magic Tree House series! Definitely a great read as a kid and has some great history lessons too!