November 10, 2010


~fire in the fire pit
~half eaten ring pop on the coffee table
~tomato basil soup
~watching home videos
~a gift from a neighbor
~peak week of fall foliage
~36 library books
~waiting with my daughter until her friends arrive at youth group
~visiting the LEGO store for the first time with my little boy
~watching my 9 year old be excited for her brother
~homemade bread
~laughter in my home
~my husband's tough exterior, soft heart
~nuzzles from my dog
~blue jeans and down vest season
~clean sheets


lani said...

sometimes we lose focus of the little things....

I am grateful for 'em as well

Kellie said...

Grateful in the small things as well as the big things... so often we forget!

Heidi said...


Mom said...

You paint such lovely pictures with your words... I can "see" them in my mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to go with funky and festive, with fall bounty and whimsical winter close behind! Decorating... yet another of your gifts!
:) erin