November 3, 2010

Fancy Tail

 It's been a long time since I've been tailgating.  So when our friends the Moores invited us to join them we were very excited.  When Kim called to ask me if we like fruit on our salad, I knew this wasn't going to be the typical bucket o' chicken kind of tailgate.  I offered to bring something and she said, "I think I've got all covered."
She was not kidding.  Right down to the mini stick of butter to go on our baked potatoes.  Yes.  BAKED potatoes.  Not spicy fries from Bojangles.
 The king of the grill, aka Andy, pulled this mini Egg out of the trunk of his car and did a little magic.  I don't know the last thing about grills, but apparently this, my friends, is the holy grail of grills.  After the tasting it's offspring, I'm a believer.  The best filet I've ever savored.  Ever.
 I thought I was living it up when we had bread with dipping oil, salad with fruit, meat with potatoes.  But then they pulled this out:

 Uh-huh.  Baked cookie in a mini cast iron skillet WITH ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Have you evah???  I didn't want to leave the parking lot.  But the men folk insisted that we move into the stadium since, well, that's why were were there.

I'm all about a good football game, and this one did not disappoint; but the main attraction at any event with massive amounts of humanity is watching the people.
Not only did we enjoy the fashion lesson from the coeds (cowboy boots go with any outfit) but the two 60+ year old couples sitting in front of us kept us entertained.  You see, earlier in the evening, I was mystified by this sign in the women's bathroom:
 Really?  People actually do that?  But then we noticed that the two couples in front of us were drinking copious amounts of lemonade.  Lemonade?  As the evening wore on their ability to hide the little glass bottles became less and less and their laughter and sway grew.
By the end of the night we were laughing out loud at the unabashed thievery taking place in front of us involving too much lemonade and a bag of peanuts belonging to someone on the next row. "Itsth, all goooodddd." He told us.  Yep.  Just what I want to be when I grow up.

Regardless of what I've led you to believe, I did watch the game (I can multitask) and it was a great game to watch.  Kim and I even got to do the Wolfpack victory sign at the end of the game.  As we headed back to the car everyone was happy.  The boys were happy about the outcome of the game (us girls, too) and I was still savoring one of the fanciest tailgates I've ever been a part of.  Thanks friends!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

You have some seriously fun friends.

Why can't we live closer?????

Your blog is such great, free therapy for me.

No liquor bottles in the toilet, now that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!

5 STARS on a HILARIOUS post today at NEM!!!

Kim said...

Aww you are too kind! We had a great time! So glad you guys could join us. I am sure the win had something to do with the red shoes too! Go Pack!

Kellie said...

Now THAT was a tailgating good time! Glad you were able to enjoy it to the fullest!

Richella said...

FUN! What a great tailgate party--your friend is the hostess with the mostest!

We have the mama of your friend's Little Green Egg, and my husband absolutely ADORES it. I didn't know they made a portable version!!

Sandy said...

What fun!!!!!

Amy said...

This rival school fan had trouble reading past the "cowboy boots go with everything" observation. Hee hee.

Carpool Queen said...

Only in the South would we have to remind people about where the liquor bottles need to go :)

jason and jen said...

I just love Kim! She is so fun and creative and apparently these gifts lead to an awesome tailgating experience!!