November 22, 2010

Giveaway Day

In the spirit of giving Thanks week, I thought it might be fun to have a giveaway.  These little pins have been my new creative outlet lately.  If you win, you may choose one of the three above OR have one made in your favorite color.

Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment telling me your favorite gift to give at the holidays.  It can be for any age ... I'm just looking for some neat-o ideas!

I will choose the winner on Wednesday and post it on Thursday.


Heidi said...

Fun, fun!

One of my favorite gifts to give to children in our immediate and extended family is books.

I think it's so important to foster a love of reading. Building a personal library that your child can read and look at over and over goes a long way to that end.

We began a new gift giving philosophy in the last few years that maybe you've heard of as well:

We give our kids 1)something they want, 2) something they need 3) something to wear, and 4) something to read.

Kellie said...

We actually enjoy making treats for people we love much but can't afford to buy all of them a gift from the store! SO... we give of our time and make goodies for them to enjoy. We try to do things that are unusual yet delightful so they are not getting the ordinary "fruitcake" or something. That allows me to share my love with many while not coming out of the wallet a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with above, books are always a winner with my kids. The past couple Christmas' I have gone to my local thrift store and bought stacks of very much like new books for my kids. That way, I can get much more books and a great variety. This year, to my book bag for my kids, I am going to get a soft snuggly blanket for them to use when they curl up with their favorite book.

We always add new music and movies to our collection each Christmas too. A movie for family movie night and music the kids love (that are mother approved). ;)

Sandra said...

My favorite gift to give to family and friends is food items. I make breads, cookies, jams, and other homemade goodies. My friends enjoy the treats and I enjoy making them.

Laura said...

Love the idea from Heidi - how practical for kids and keeping it simple.
I know you've done a version of this in the past Gretchen, but my new favorite and inexpensive (about $1.20 for everything), yet personal gift to give is pump hand soap with the following on transparency paper in different fonts and sizes:

Smith Family

Generous hands Friendly hands
Growing hands Willing hands
helping hands loving hands
clean hands Happy hands
busy hands grateful hands
serving hands caring hands
joyful hands Praying hands

I also like giving those gift certificates where you can give a $25 gift certificate for $2 or $3 with their special codes.

Joy for the Seasons said...

Very sweet pins!

While I have never done anything like this before, since adoption is a huge part of our lives right now we are giving our families baskets full of things that support adoption/adopting families. I have my friend's apple butter (adopting from Bulgaria), another friend's jam (adopting from US), and another one's coffee (adopting from Ethiopia). Still trying to decide if I will add a copy of _Adopted for Life_ in each basket.

Suz said...

Love the creative pins!
I love giving my mom a gift certificate to a musical or show. We usually give 2 tickets so she can take a friend and have a fun afternoon.

Bobbie said...

I give gift cards. Not very exciting to open but very easy to shop for and it makes the person happier when they go shopping with the card. Sometimes, I get creative and give all lunch cards- like 5 or 6 different $5 cards for lunch places like McDonalds, Chilis, Chick Fil A, etc... sometimes its Starbucks, somtimes I just go to Wal-Mart.......
If I win, I pick the brown one!

Michele said...

These pins are adorable! I love giving and receiving homemade gifts. When someone makes you something it requires so much of their time. . . which is precious in and of itself. I also love giving something that will make a memory. Last year I gave my mom a once-a-month coffee date. She lives about an hour from me and on 1 Friday every month I treated her to coffee. We really had a lot of fun making memories!

Amy said...

I LOVE your pins...they are so adorable! Being a crafter myself, I love making/giving hand-made goodies & one of my all-time favorite things to give are croceted dishcloths. They are so fun & relaxing to make & they are very functional. All my family & close friends have come to expect their now traditional dishcloths for Christmas each year.

**even I don't 'win' one of your pins.....maybe we could work out a trade......a pin for a hand-made dishcloth to match your kitchen. ;-)

Jenn A said...

Love the cute pins! They look like good little gifts. I like to make gifts for my family and close friends whenever I can. I like to bake treats for neighbors and teachers. I have a traditional cocoa bundt cake recipe that the teachers request every year now.

Carpool Queen said...

AAH - I knew I should have read blogs last week.