November 1, 2010

This is Why I am Tired

 We love doing fun stuff, but if you're like me, it seems to be feast or famine.  Over the long weekend, it was a FEAST of fun.
Since Thursday, this is what we have packed in:

Thursday night we enjoyed a NC State/ FSU football game with some very dear friends (more on that tomorrow)

 Friday we joined a group of homeschoolers on a field trip to a farm.  My children learned
How to race rubber ducks while pumping water (they'll need that later in life, right?)
How to search for, and choose the perfect pumpkin
The joy of immersing themselves into a crib of dried corn.
How to defy gravity.

Saturday was filled with taking children to various morning activities; followed by an afternoon neighborhood pumpkin carving party. 

 Every time we have a neighborhood party, we realize what great neighbors we have.  A Christmas party is already in the making (woot, woot!)

Saturday night we were living the high life with some awesome tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey game, thanks to my sister in law (who happens to have some serious connections).  We were in the Champions Club which is a nice way to say we were stuffing ourselves with tons of free food and sitting in plush leather chairs that really should be in my family room.

Since the Canes were shut out by the Penguins, I was thankful for a soft chair to sit in while Laura and I chatted, the kids ate 14 pieces of pizza, and the boys grunted at each other about various plays.

Sunday started with probably the most alive and moving (literally) church services we've seen in ages.  I love it when the brothers and sisters of color come for a visit from the church down the road and show some of the {all too serious pious} Baptists how to really worship.  It was fantastic!

For lunch we celebrated the end of Little League Baseball season with this:
To really make me tired have fun, we had a scrimmage between the boys and the moms.  My main goal was to not make an idiot of myself not strike out.  Strike out?  No.  Pop fly out? Yes.  Needless to say the boys whooped our momma-tails.

To finish the weekend, we took the kids to a party and did a little twick-or-tweeting.  While the fall festival at church has always been nice, it was fun to do something a little different this year.

So.... today we are having a candy hangover.  The kids are happy drunks and I'm a sleepy drunk, so we started school with recess while the teacher got her act together.


Carpool Queen said...

I hear ya', sister. I'm beyond glad to have this weekend behind me and an empty calendar in front of me :)

Kellie said...

LOL... maybe I should have thought of starting the day with recess so this teacher could get HER act together. We actually had a calmer weekend for once and I was thankful. My house was thankful, too. Loved seeing all you did!

Laura said...

Were those our burr its cold, when are they bringing the dessert out faces? Thanks again for such fun time. Its going to be really hard to go back to regular seats after that.

I think you should add that cha cha slide song by DJ casper to your play list too ;)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Gretchen what a totally fun weekend. Those babies got you some good chocolate, right?

The hockey game sounded like a sheer blast. Free food and comfy chairs, you are livin' the high life baby!!!

We had a wonderful worship service at church as well. Mmmmm it was good!

Today it's cloudy and we're about to have lunch and pile in bed for a nice nap.

Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

Whoo, wore me out just reading about it! But it all looked like lots of fun & I loved getting to "see" all that I missed. I wouldn't have been involved in most of it anyway, but I know I sure wouldn't like being a long-distance grandma!

Amy said...

We were at the hockey game, too! Is the 80's headbanger music just as loud in the Champions Club as it is in the regular seats?