September 22, 2012

Pinner Winners

I've decided to share some of the wonderfulness of Pinterest here on my blog every once in a while.  If you missed the first "Pinner Winners"  click here.

This week I'd like you to meet:
1. Older and Wisor.  An abundance of creative gift wrapping/giving is in store for you here.
Need more easy craft ideas?  Check out "My Crafts" Pinterest board.

2. Kevin and Amanda are the king/queen of the Free Font kingdom.  Their website(s) are full of amazing ideas so I am dying to try these Texas Gold Chess Squares.
I've pinned them to "My Yummies" board.  Can't wait to go to the grocery so I can try this yummy, but so simple recipe!

3. BHG never disappoints with amazing ideas.  I love this simple, yet charming way to add fall to the front porch.
Check out "My Holidays" Pinterest board for more year around ideas.

4. Martha Stewart suggests this super fun idea for a fall party, which could be used anytime of the year by changing the shape.
This would be way more fun than a pinata and way less chaotic. Check out more party ideas on "My Party" Pinterest board.

5. I love, love, love this list from Hopes and Dreams of 30 questions to ask your spouse.  What a fun way to keep the conversation (and interest) alive.  These are perfect for date night!
I tucked this pin into "My Miscellaneous Goodies" because everybody needs a fun junk drawer to stick little treasures.  ;)

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Bugs and Sunshine said...


You did SO GOOD picking it all out. Very charming!!!

Can't wait to see it all put together, what a blessing to build a new house! So excited for yoU!