August 4, 2009


Do you have certain blogs that you visit often, but comment rarely? (No guilt trip today)
I have a few myself. One of those that I 'lurk' is Chatting at the Sky. Emily is such a beautiful person/writer/photographer. I don't intentionally lurk, it just happens. Emily, I promise I will try to comment more, because I know how important comments can be to a girl.
I usually come away from her blog pondering, deeply. It is like a breath of fresh, cool air on a hot sultry day.

She has created a weekly link-up, called Unwrapped for women to celebrate the little things wrapped up in the big, or look at the mess and unwrap the gift hidden inside it.
So today, I thought I would join in the fun.

Over the past week, I've been captured by the 'little things' that make parenting so fun.
Take, for example, the pure bliss of watching and waiting oh-so-patiently for the muffins to be done.
As moms, we so often have to be the 'no man.' I am trying to say yes more often. So when my little man asked if he could make the muffins, I said yes. It was so worth it to have a little extra flour spread around the kitchen.

Another time I had the opportunity to say yes this week was when my kids wanted to build a fort out of every pillow in the house.
Not only did I say yes, but they also got to enjoy their pillow condos during our history lesson.
I went from the 'no man' to the mom-who-rocks! :)


Carpoolqueen said...

I did that today with T. It was so much fun to just say "yes". And the mess wasn't as much to deal with as I thought it would be.

(And save me a muffin, please. Muffins are my love language.)

marty39 said...

Oh I have the most precious memories of the children baking and making messes and even my grandchildren taking all the bar stools and spreading sheets all over them to make a fort. Just keep saying yes, the memories are well worth it. Hugs, Marty

Christina said...

I have been lurking on your blog. :), though I did awhile back, I've been mostly just reading the last few weeks and not doing much posting or commenting.

I have a hard time saying yes to my kids. The mess drives me crazy, but it is so important to say that little word as often as we can. Thanks for the reminder. The muffins look wonderful!

Heather said...

I always think it's so neat when I find the blog world interlocking with people I know. I went to college with Emily (author of Chatting with the Sky)...and I've been lurking on your blog since I found it through Janet's.
Just this week I let Cailey make chocolate muffins even though I had just cleaned and new there would be a new mess-I TREASURE these times with the kiddos. Love your blog!

togetherforgood said...

I find myself saying no far too often as well. Thanks for the reminder and challenge to say yes more often. :)

deb said...

say yes ,
save the no's for the real battles.
I wish I could have remembered it more when they were little, but I tried.
We aren't perfect, but that's okay.

Samantha said...

You really are a cool Mom. Forts and History lessons! I've had a fort in my basement made out of sheets for a couple of weeks now. It has provided much needed hours of pleasure for my kids when it rains for days on end:) fyi: I went for months reading your blog before I left you a comment, then I got brave and decided I would let you know I was lurking... hehehe.

emily said...

Yay! I'm so glad you linked up! And thanks for your kind words in this post. No need to comment now...I'll be riding on those words of encouragement for a few weeks at least :) Love the pillow fort. We make those on a daily basis, several times a day. I try to remember not to lose my mind over the mess. Because its SUCH a mess!

Me said...

Oh yes! I am guilty of being a lurker, too. I've been trying to get out of the habit. Since starting my own blog, I understand how important every comment is to the writer.

Cherishing those little moments can be hard to do. Its a shame that it takes an actual concentrated effort at times, but you're right. It is really worth 100x the mess in the end. They'll only be little once, better to give in while they're asking for it.

Great pictures, great thought! Thank you for posting!

Lacy said...

I love it. You are the mom who rocks!! I am saying yes today and I can see this homeschool thing is right where you need to be!

Mom said...

You ARE the mom that rocks! What fun memories you are making.

Amy J said...

I think I'll take this opportunity to raise my hand as a lurker! We have several friends in common and I finally got linked to your blog via others and have been very inspired. I love a mom who loves Jesus, loves her family and finds joy in being a hip homemaker. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You do rock, momma! See you in the a.m.? (I totally spaced Tues. and forgot, but J had to leave at 5 that morning anyway... sorry!)

Samantha said...

I am, that's how I found you;) Love the products! Thanks for stopping by!

Sharone said...

There is something so excited about watching something bake! I still feel like a kid when I wait by the oven. :) You are definitely the mom-that-rocks!