October 30, 2009

Simple Pumpkin Fun

I know this is the weekend for carving pumpkins and eating too much sugar, but I really don't like to cut my big pumpkin. I like it to last through Thanksgiving. So the kids and I compromised. We each got a small pumpkin (in addition to my big pumpkin and the white one hubby bought for me). I used my apple corer to make those perfect little polka dots.
They chose to paint theirs. Something their crazy mom said about bugs n such.
Here's the fam!
That's me with the fabulously long eyelashes.

What is your pumpkin tradition?


Janet said...

Love the painted pumpkins!! They all did a great job!

Carpool Queen said...

At some point in the next 24 hours we'll carve pumpkins and I'll pretend to be really excited about it but you'll know otherwise.

I think the painting thing is the way to go - touching raw pumpkin guts just isn't any fun.

The Chubby Dove said...

My boys love to get the mini ones, so we have white and orange ones throughout.

We also have some bigger orange ones on candlesticks on our mantle (you'll have to check 'em out on my blog) and then we have some on the front porch.

I don't like to carve mine either. I like to keep them around til Thanksgiving, too.

Happy weekend!

O Mom said...

Love your polka dot pumpkin!
We don't always do the pumpkin carving thing. But when we do, it is kind of fun, except when the dog eats them or the bottoms get rotten or I burn the seeds!
You can see why we don't do this very often.

Tracey said...

Our pumpkin tradition is to acquire some pumpkins.. (this year K1 picked out a cream colored one, K2 got a traditional orange, and the younger set decided that the various gourds were more their style)..place them on the front porch..wait until we put up Christmas decorations to remove them..or until a rotting smell starts to happen, whichever comes first. :D

The painted pumpkins are adorable..love the use of mascara!

Amber said...

Love the pumpkins!!

And that polkie-dottie pumpkin is precious!!!!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful! Lurve the corer idea, too. Much better than cutting one's fingers with a dull knife. I imagine, anyway.

Kellie said...

Great job!

We always carve pumpkins, but for some weird reason this year I forgot! I think I'll follow your lead and go get some and then use them without carving!

Suz said...

Love the pumpkins. The one with the long eye lashes looks just like you. We changed our tradition this year. We use to use the kit like Mr. Potato Head to decorate the pumpkins. However, this year the kids wanted to paint their pumpkins. Let's just say they did not turn out like yours. HT had pumpkins on sale yesterday so I grabbed one and we (I mean Scott) carved it this morning. So we did a little bit of everything. White pumpkins are ALWAYS a tradition in my book! So now that I have written this long post, I am off to have some Halloween fun.

Jodee Leader said...

I love your polkadot pumpkin! How did you make your circles?!

Dawn said...

i love your pumpkins! m y son chose to carve his... and my daughter wanted to leave hers be. which made me kind of happy... since it should last. i hope you are not tempted to cut into the white one... unless you have a power saw handy! (yes, i know this from experience!)