January 3, 2011

Change is Good

For the last 15 years we have hosted some sort of New Years Eve party.  This year we took a deep breath and said, "Let's do a Christmas party instead!"  Thinking that our friends would have an abundance of things to do, we thought we should over-invite.  Right?
Wrong.  The day before our party we looked at our list and realized almost everyone was coming.  While on a quick run to the store to pick up more food, my 7 year old said, "Mom, how are we going to fit all of those people in our house?"  I was kinda thinking the same thing.

But you know what?  It was a blast!
36 adults and 40 kids sounds a little crazy, but it was great!  So great, that I think we started a new tradition.  So what if we didn't have a place for everyone to sit!  My home was filled with laughter, friendship, and holiday cheer.  Yes, change is good.  A little crazy, but GOOD.

Three days before New Years Eve we were starting to wonder if we were going to have to ring in the new year alone, though.  For my social butterfly husband, that was going to be very sad.  Some long-time friends called us (and saved the day!) and we were able to ring in the new year with them.  We didn't really know the other two families that were going to be there, but I found out how fun it is to make new friends.  Change is good.  Taking a step out of my comfort zone is good.

If you know me at all, this next picture will come as no surprise.  I do love a good change of scenery, especially when it involves my mantel.  Out with the Christmas, in with the winter.
 See, change is good!

My husband was off for a couple of days so we took advantage and had a fun family day.
I overcame my fear of bears as we visited  some in the snow (see over my right shoulder).  It was beautiful.  So was the fence that separated us.

Obviously other members of my family need to work on their fears:

Have you made any changes lately?

*I'm linking up with the winter mantel party over at Stories of A to Z.  Come join the fun!


Amy said...

OMG....your party table is just gorgeous! I want to come visit next year! ;-)

Amber said...

You just made me break out in hives thinking of THAT.MANY.PEOPLE.IN.MY.HOUSE.AT.ONE.TIME.

But I would have loved to be #77 at YOUR party!!! :)

Gretchen said...

About to change up my mantle, with yours as an inspiration. The biggest change I had recently is that I produced a musical. And now, I'm recovering. :) But God stretched me, and it was good.

Richella said...

Change is good--you're right! I'd say it sounds like your Christmas party was much-appreciated! :)

This year we didn't have a big party on NYE, which was a change for us, too--but we did have six of our best friends for a dinner party, so that was fun. In addition to great food, we watched Casablanca! And that was really fun! :)

Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you!

Carpool Queen said...

My real estate agent is making me change the configuration in my living room.

It is not good, Gretchen.

I don't deal well with change :)

Kellie said...

I am so behind with all my blogs. :) The greatest change I made to the new year was no appendix. hahhaahahah... OK.. just had to put that on here. :)

I am not good with change but am getting BETTER. You inspire me, always. :) Love ya!

Amanda said...

Love your winter wreath over the mantle. Visiting again from Bugsandsunshine.

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Oh yum! I know I'm supposed to be focusing on your mantel hear but that yummy Christmas party has me all distracted. How fabulous! And your mantel is great too:). Love your wreath and all the winter whites. Thanks for linking up!