February 14, 2014

My Heart is Full

Today my heart is full.  Our area of the country was blessed with my favorite gift of God's creation: a blanket of snow. 

As the snow clouds gathered, school was called off early.  I think my kids were excited to spend some time together.
It blew in fast and hard.  So many of our friends were stranded on the road, trying to scurry home.  My farmer made it home without any issues, but there were so many people in our area in trouble.  We heard there was an accident near the major intersection about a mile from our house so we decided to set off on a long hike to offer assistance.
It was so eerie to see the road so desolate at 5pm, when it is usually packed with vehicles.  The accident must have been beyond where we could see because the intersection was empty.
We still had fun hiking though!
 Together, with snow, and laughter makes me very, very happy.

As the snow blew against the house and the wind howled, my heart filled with joy.   I don't know why this kind of weather makes me so happy.   I know some of my friends can't stand snow/cold/ice.  I sort of feel that way about sticky/humid/heat.  Isn't it amazing how God creates us all so uniquely?!  
 The storm came on Wednesday afternoon, and as I type this on Friday afternoon it is melting away.  We have to savor it while we can!

My favorite photo of the day

I even took a little hike by myself.  I love the silence a snow brings to the earth.

On this Valentines Day my heart is full.  I've had my chicks under one roof.  We've played, we've eaten (too much), we've rested.  We've been together.  I tuck this into the bank of sweet memories to cherish.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Sandy said...

Love your pictures & that you had a great time with all this beautiful weather!

Tracey said...

You know what makes me happy? Seeing pictures of you and your family in this house, on this land. Seriously, I love it. <3

Samantha said...

Such a beautiful post. We've had snow here since November so we're all just a wee bit tired of it... A good rain storm has to be my favourite. Love the picture of the pond :)

Kay Harms said...

Beautiful photos. I love the snow, too! I'm so envious. We've had a warm and dry winter here in Arizona, though we normally get a good little bit of snow. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

jason and jen said...

I am with you Gretchen! I love cold snowy days SO much! Loved your beautiful snow pictures!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I'm with you sister, snow is the BEST! It is so utterly gorgeous! We had an ice two weeks ago and the trees looked like they were coated in sparkling diamonds. So amazing!