May 12, 2008


My mom, the lively one, who taught me to walk, talk,
sing, dance, play, love, enjoy life.

My mom, the beautiful one, who taught me about
manners, inner beauty and being a woman of grace.

My mom, the tender one, who cradled me as a babe,
held me when I was sick and hugged my tears away.

My mom, the patient one, who was consistent with
expectations, who taught me to drive, and loved me
through the adolescent years.

My mom, my personal cheerleader, rejoiced with me
over the smallest and greatest accomplishments.

My mom, the caring one, let me cry for no reason and held me when I was sad.
She held my hand as a child and as I gave birth

to her grandchildren.

My mom, the spunky one, still shows me how to have a good time, find a great sale and laugh out loud.

My mom, the giving one, shares her life with me everyday in some way:
a phone call, a visit, a card, a hug.

My mom, the teaching one, has shown me how to be a great mom.
She has shown me the true joys of motherhood.

My mom, the joyful one, can make any mundane task,
an exciting moment in time.

My mom, the godly one, has been my example of a life
well lived in Christ. Focused, virtuous, faithful is she.

My mom, the contented one, has taught me to be happy
with little and with much. True riches are in the tender
family moments we share.

My mom, my mentor, has guided me along this beautiful
journey we now share called motherhood.


Sandy said...

Wow, you sure know how to bring a woman to tears! Especially this woman you just wrote about! I love you!!!

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! Nice to "meet" you. I've been reading your blog and really enjoying it. I'll definitely be back.

I have to tell you that I think the hand-washing message on your bathroom wall is hilarious. I love it! I'm a bit of a hand-washing freak myself and my four-year old always does the "Mom, smell my hands"


Julie said...

Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoyed my visit here. I miss my mom like crazy.