April 15, 2009

Just Ducky:: A Colloquium

I had no idea so many questions would arise from our Easter purchase!  Thanks for the comments and questions.  Now to answer some of them.

1. NC law requires that ducks and chicks be purchased in quantities no less than 6 to prevent the general public from purchasing only 1 or 2 for Easter presents.  A woman in her 60's recently told me that when she was a child, it was popular to receive baby chicks dyed pink, blue or green for Easter.  I am sure PETA had a fit over that!

2. Some of you asked where we are keeping them.  Well, first let me remind you that I am married to a builder who loves to whip out a good project.  So we went from a galvanized tin tub to this:

This, my friends, is the mac-daddy duck pen.  It is currently in our garage, away from predators, and out of my house.  It measures approx. 2'x6'.  I call it the duck run.  He is talking about creating a door at one end that will open to a kiddy pool.  I'm thinking that I really like parking my car in the garage.  Also, please note in the picture above my contribution:  hand sanitizer.  Two bottles.

Oh my!  Did one of them lay a blue egg?!

3. As far as maintenance, they are very easy.  We have a water dispenser (red and white thingy), a bowl of food (purchased at the local farm store), heat lamp, and fresh shavings.  They love to drink and play in the water.  Yesterday, we filled a large tin tub and let them play in the water and test out their swimming skills.
4. Now to answer the question asked by several friends, "what will you do with them?"
That is the best part.  They are a temporary pet!  After 8 weeks, they are ready to be released into the wild.  We have a pond, so they will have a nice home.  But our care-taking days will be over.  It's kind of like foster care.  The only thing we have to be careful of is our dog.  Once they are in the water, they will be safe.  Our retriever is afraid of water.  Go figure.

We are amazed by this little creation of God.  Since last Friday, they have almost doubled in size.  We have one runt that hates to be held.  Doodle got past his near death experience and now loves to be cuddled.  I guess he figured, if you can't beat em, join em!  


Handmade Housewife... said...

Those are so sweet! I had 3 growing up as a child. We kept them in a large pen raised off the ground. They were wonderful. I guess the laws have changed since I was a child. We were able to buy 3 in NC. I think putting a # minimum on them is very smart though. Have fun with your feathered family!


Carpoolqueen said...

It will be just ducky with me if you do nothing other than post pictures and blog about these ducks for the next eight weeks.

I am smitten.

I now want my very own duck.

Alas, I am not married to a builder, and do not have an adjoining pond.

I shall own my duck vicariously through you.

Tracey said...

Now THAT's a duck pen! Maybe he could add a fun little slide for the ducks to use when they enter the kiddy pool...like those tube things at the McD's playground?? And..if he keeps adding on to the pen, you could charge people to come and visit the Duck Playground...this could be worth millions!

Love the pictures...so sweet!

Amy said...

Thanks for answering these questions! I've been so curious! They look super sweet!!

Anonymous said...

You all get the super parents award for sure! I know you do not want to have these adorable things when they are full grown, because then you would have other things to clean up. I did notice the first thing the hand sanitizer. What a great adventure for the children and I know they are loving it. Miss Dixie

C Maisy said...

i'm so happy you answered all my questions. ok...now I want 6. can I borrow your hubby so he can build me a duck run??

Sandy Toes said...

So very cute...wow...interesting about the pink and green chick...sandy toe

Linda said...

Those ducklings are adorable! So sweet! Linda

Mom said...

I can't believe I missed out on their first venture "out in the wild"! Glad everyone is doing just ducky...

Mom said...

I can't believe I missed their venture into the big world!

Samantha said...

They are so cute. thanks for sharing all the details, sounds like an exciting adventure for your kids!.