February 23, 2013

Waffles, Pickles, and Puppies

Whipped cream and strawberries make me smile.  Some weeks you need a little extra boost for the smile factory.  Our beloved goat, Pickles died. She was our first casualty of farm life.  My daughter took it HARD.  I liked Pickles and I didn't want her to suffer, but I shed tears for my girl whose heart was broken over that sweet goat.  I love that she has a tender heart toward animals.  Life lessons stink sometimes, though.  She's doing fine now, especially since we have a new batch of foster puppies to enjoy. 

We work with a local non-profit rescue that collects adoptable dogs from high-kill shelters and places them up for adoption.  Because puppies cannot be exposed to the other dogs, due to their size and immunization, the rescue program relies on families like us to care for the pups in our homes until they are ready for adoption.   

I love that we are helping some pups in need.  I really love the responsibility that it is teaching my kids.  
 As you can see, they get NO attention around here! ;)

This is our last "quiet" weekend before basketball season kicks into high gear.  I'm relishing the calm.  How about you?
Enjoy your weekend!

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

oh, you have the most precious kids ever. they are so adorable. i'll pray for your sweeet daughter, that breaks my heart for her :(...hope you had a restful weekend!