February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

 I love mugs.  Not just any mug, but pretty, functional mugs.  My mother-in-law gave me a pair of these a few years ago and I use them every week.  Big enough to hold a "large" Keurig cup, pretty enough to make me smile.  Plus, they say Starbucks on the bottom, so some mornings I imagine I am in a little bistro in Germany sipping java.

Do you belong to Costco?  If so, these trash bags are da bomb.  Is that phrase out?  I'm sure it's not cool anymore.  But anyways, they are rad.  Ok maybe they're not ALL THAT, but I like them.  They don't break.  They fit my tall trash can and they are a GREAT price.  Plus, there are 200 in a box so I'm not constantly buying more bags.

 My husband surprised me at Christmas with an iPad.  Totally surprised.  He said, "I didn't get you a cover for it because I knew you'd want a cute one."  That man knows me so well.  All of the iPad covers in the local stores were $39+.  Seriously.  I just want a cute one that is functional.  Kinda like my mugs.  I found this one online for $16.  I love it a hundred different ways.
Speaking of love.  My sweet man noticed my excitement over these paper goods from Target.  I found this gift bag on my front seat, filled with happiness (and the sweetest love note) a few days later.  I am truly blessed to be his wife.

 When the sonic facial cleaners first came out, I might have scoffed, mostly because of the price.  But I have a dear friend that got one for Christmas (albeit hers was much better quality than the store brand knock off I got) and she sung its praises over a cup of coffee one evening.  So I put it on my "I'd like to try it" list.  Do you have one of those?   I came across this one, it was a good price, plus I had a crazy coupon, so I gave it a try.
I could tell a huge difference in the feel of my skin after the first use!

For my birthday, my parents gave me some cash for a new pair of cowgirl boots.  After trying on a bazillion pairs, I couldn't find the perfect ones.  So, with their blessing, I split the money between a fun pair of winter boots and these:
I needed something to wear with my skinny jeans that would be more casual than ballet flats.  Bringing back the Chucks! ;)

 I used the last of my birthday money to get a new purse and wallet.  I really NEEDED a wallet but I didn't want to get a new one, because my old one was like a second skin to me.  Everything fit so well, but it was beginning to look like my grandmother's wallet: cracked and 100 years old.  She loved hers for so long, she held it together by a rubber band. Isn't that adorable? Target has a special right now, on purses and wallets: by one get one 1/2 off.  I have admired this hobo bag for awhile, but there were so many great colors to choose from.  I had my girls make the final decision for me.  They chose well!

 Last but not least, this little rug makes me smile.  I found it at the most unexpected place: Dollar General.  Can you believe that?  My girls discovered it when we were buying paper towels.  It's a great little pop of color below my kitchen sink... and machine washable!
Happy Friday!


Marie Wreath said...

Gretchen! What a fun and happy post! I haven't stopped here for a while, not sure, why, but I saw you pop up in my google reader and am so glad to rediscover your happy little corner. I love big, heavy, colorful mugs too, AND fun paper goods like that, what a sweet gesture from your guy. xoxo All of it is no nice. Have yourself a wonderful weekend! Hope to stop again soon. xo

Samantha said...

Bringing back the chucks:) love it and them. How cute are they? Kinda miss mine from HS.

Bobbie said...

I love that cup too!! I took the plunge and bought the expnsive facial clarisonic and it is probably the best thing Ive ever bought for my self! I love it, and can see the difference. I got mine from QVC who sometimes has "easy pay" offers, kind of like layaway, but you get the item immediately,(but its not a creit card) which makes it a little easier.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

OK, so much to talk about.

First off, your hubby leaving that gift bag for you is the most precious, thoughtful thing! LOVE that!

Second, those paper straws? Yep, pretty much the happiest things ever!

Third, I like how you mixed up the color on your purse and wallet.

Fourth, love your new shoes.

Fifth, da bomb is TOTALLY still in. Along with phrases like It's On Like Donkey Kong. Si brought all that stuff back last season so it's all good.

Kellie said...

Love your things that make you happy! :) All of them brought a smile to my face. Love the rug by the sink... I have found many neat things at Dollar General and Roses. Cheap and stinkin' cute. LOL