April 30, 2013

The Unexpected Break

I'm still here.  Well, sort of.
We've had a busy April filled with field trips, family trips, school fun, and spring sports.  All of which came to a screeching halt about 10 days ago.  I got sick on vacation.
Boo hiss.
I don't know about you, but when I get sick, I want to be in my own bed with all things familiar.  I still tried to make the most of the trip, but the timing was stinky.

Upon returning I tried to rent a substitute teacher for my kids, but the Rent-a-Center was out of that make and model.  So my kids went on without me.  I curled in bed and called out things like, "do your best," and "just do the next page in your workbook, whatever page that is," and "can you help your brother?"  Yeah, sick moms don't mix with homeschooling very well.  My kids are at the age that they can manage without me, if that includes chocolate cake for lunch and extra tv time.

The guilt monster was nibbling away at my conscious, but I realized that sometimes we all need an unexpected break.  I would prefer mine without a sore throat and sprinkles on top.
Now that I have enough energy to type a few lines and make hamburgers for dinner, I just wanted to stop by and say hello.


Tracey said...


There is no substitute.


Glad you're feeling better!

Sandy said...

Sorry I wasn't in town to "help".... Glad you are finally on the mend. Love you!