April 8, 2013

Chalkboard Bling

Do you have a chalkboard?  Do you use it practically or decoratively?  We have one that sits on top of the desk in the kitchen.  It is definitely decorative.  I'd love to add one to the mud room that is practical.  Baby steps, right?  

Anyhoo, we made this chalkboard several years ago with a cabinet door and a can of chalkboard spraypaint.  (See the details here.)
While I love using the Bistro Chalk Markers, sometimes my board looks a little bald.  Since Christmas, I've been adding a little bling to the top of the board.  It's like adding the perfect scarf to an outfit.

Over spring break, I stitched this little banner using some fabric scraps.  By the time our spring break rolled around, Easter was already over, so my "He is Risen" theme got skipped.  I decided to write "Served With Joy" to remind myself to serve my family with joy and to let all who visit our kitchen know that we are joyful about serving them.

Sometimes I use the "bling" as part of the message.  For the month of February I used the "Love" sign (found at Hobby Lobby for $2 last March).  The "one another" is written with a red Bistro marker.

Over Christmas, a glittery "JOY" from Target helped create the message.

The possibilities are endless.  No matter the size of your chalkboard, you can add a little bling.  Maybe a flower for summer or a sprig of leaves for the fall.

Since this board sits up so high, I usually only change it seasonally.
 Eventually, I'd love to have a board that we can all write on: love notes, Bible verses, messages, and lists.  And bling!

What's your favorite use of a chalkboard?

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

Oh how cute.

Funny you should mention chalkboards, do you use a white board for school?

I've been searching flea mkts for a cool mirror to turn into a chalkboard for the kitchen wall (where we do school).

Dawn said...

Love it, it is so charming and such a great spot for it. I really like the tiny bunting across the top.

Kellie said...

Favorite thing for a chalkboard.... NOT for school! hahhahaha!!! LOVE this... you are still overflowing with uber talentry. You inspire even for those who know this will never happen in their home. hahaha! HUGS!

D Stepp said...

Love the message and the sign! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Rock N Share linky party. Hope you’ll join in again next week! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch