May 31, 2009

Chalkboard Dust

It's been awhile since I felt like gettin' a little crafty. This week I finally did a couple of crafts that have been sitting in my 'to do' pile. I made the chalkboard (above) and it was SO easy!

First of all, I asked my hubby to ask his cabinet installers for any damaged doors that they might be throwing out. You know, one man's trash is my treasure...

Ask and you shall receive! Some of the ones he brought home were unfinished, but a couple of them had this beautiful stain. Not wanting to damage the stain, I taped the edges.
*Notice my trade mark in the picture above? Yes, it's hand sanitizer! Two bottles.

I purchased this can of spray chalkboard paint at Home Depot for under $5. The quart size brush-on was $12. I think if I were doing it over again, I would go for the brush on kind, but that's just personal preference. The spray was very quick and easy.

After the first coat ... still wet and shiny. I gave it two coats and let it dry over 24 hours before writing on it. The can suggests wiping the entire (dry) board with the side of a stick of chalk to prep the new board before writing on it. You know me, I followed directions. And then washed my hands.

This is what we see as we come down our back stairs. I decided it was the perfect spot for a weekly memory verse.


Debbie @ said...

This turned out great. I love it. Woohoo. Another great project completed.

Amy said...

This idea has been on my radar since I saw it in a magazine recently. I love your take on it! Great job!

Tracey said...

How cool! I'll be adding this to my to do list for the summer...thanks for sharing!

Carpoolqueen said...

You are seriously amazing, chickie!!! Love the idea of a weekly verse where they can see it and just soak it in by osmosis. This would be a great thing to hang in the boys' bedroom.

Chris said...

I love it! How lucky you are to get some beautiful cabinet doors for FREE! It looks great!

Jenny Lynn said...

I did the same project this weekend!!

I'm going to post about it (hopefully tonight). We had this old ironing board in our kitchen that folded back into the wall and had a door to cover it. Well I painted the door with the chalkboard paint so we could put a bible verse or grocery list on it.

Ironic :)

Anonymous said...

I love it Gretchen!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Yea - this is adorable.
I have been meaning to email you ALL week. I was SO sad that we missed each other on Sat. I kept looking all over for you because I was hoping we could go to a few workshops together. I didn't even think to get your ## when we talked on Friday so we could set up a meeting spot to connect. SO wonderful meeting IRL. Your mom is precious!! And I want that pic that you took. :)

Tammi said...

LOVE this idea!

Mom said...

I love this! And I remember when we used to actually USE chalkboards, that when they were new, we also rubbed the entire board with chalk the first time.
What memories!

Traci said...

I love it! Everyone in blog land is using this chalkboard paint. I'm feeling a little left out and peer pressure is setting in. I may have to run to Lowe's tomorrow and get me a can!

Marie said...

I heart chalkboards! Especially this one that was used from an old cabinet. I have to see if we have a salvage yard here in San Diego!
Thank you for the inspiration.

Stephanie said...

Dontcha just love chalkboard paint!?! Love how yours turned out! :)

Mrs. Querido said...

I love this idea...multipurposing...decorating and memorizing Scripture! :)