May 11, 2009

What Kids Say ... and Hear

While the flu lasted a week, the recovery has taken a bit longer.  I'm still looking for the brain cells I lost while down.  If you happen to see any that are labeled "creative juices" please notify me immediately.  I will come by and pick them up.  I did read 4 books over the past two weeks, so surely my brain cells are reproducing a little!  

FYI: my 9 year old informed us last night at dinner that if you slap yourself on the head (as if that is a common occurrence... ahem) you lose 2 brain cells.  However, if you blink twice, you gain two brain cells.   Good to know, huh?   So I'm thinking if I just sit here and blink rapidly for an hour, I may be asked to join Mensa.

On another note...
Even though it is an extremely busy time of year, I love May. The month is full of things wrapping up for the year.  It is like taking a deep breath of fresh air after a storm.

This is my last week of teaching preschool.  I was reflecting on what a fun season of life this has been.  Five year olds say the funniest things!  Put 15 of them in a room and it makes for many humorous moments.   A few weeks ago we were doing a unit study on community helpers.  We had a pediatrician come for a visit.  She was describing bones and showing some x-rays.  She did a beautiful job explaining how God created each part of our body in a special way.  The discussion turned to the fact that most bones are designed to hold us up and not bend or move.  She had each child straighten their legs and feel their knee caps and explained that this was one bone that you could actually move with your fingers.
Standing in the back of the room was an adorable little red head.  He ever so innocently reached for his crotch and exclaimed, "Hey! I just found another bone that moves!"
That poor pediatrician didn't see that one coming!  We quickly moved on to the importance of healthy eating.   We didn't dare make eye contact for fear of making a scene of two adults in hysterical laughter.  Kids!  They are so fun!

Just this week, I had another reminder that my children are little sponges.  Smart ones at that.
My 5 year old and I were having a little snuggle time when something came up about fighting.  He looked at me and said, "God's not in that."  While I love that phrase, I couldn't remember ever using it.  I said, "Honey, you're right, but where did you hear that?"  He replied, "At Leslie's church... in big church that man said, if you are fighting, God's not in that."  WOW!!!
Our visit to that church was back in March.  Sometimes I don't even remember what I heard in a sermon the week before.  This little guy was remembering a truth from two months ago aimed at adults!  I was humbled and blessed to know that my children are listening to God's word.

Run Papa!  Run!
Thank you, Mimi and Papa for the new big-girl bikes!


Carpoolqueen said...

My kids are gonna' want to know why my eyes are twitchy all day. Here's hoping your little one was right *blink blink*

Kellie said...

I am SO glad I was not drinking something when I read this one! I'm gonna have to share that one with the grown ups... haa!!!!! I needed that today. :)

Suz said...

Ok, the story about the little boy finding another bone cracked me up. Only a little boy would say something like that. And I love the story about your little guy saying "God is not in that". So sweet.
And one last thing....the picture of you and your mom is so good. What a treasure.