May 26, 2009

The Mind of a 5 Year Old

Meet Mr. Grape.  He joined us for lunch today.  He's a happy kinda guy.
Edited to add: My little man came up with these on his own.  And yes, he LOVES fruit and veggies!

Unless you eat part of his lip.  Then angry eyebrows appear.

I'm hoping to look like this guy if I keep eating these.

My 5 year old told me he wanted to type on the computer this afternoon.  I set him up on Word and told him to just use the letter keys.  Pretty soon I heard the mouse clicking so I approached ready to reprimand.  But I stopped mid stride when I noticed that he was changing the font style and size on his 'document.'   Ummm .... when did 5 year olds get so computer savvy?  I didn't teach him that.  Neither did his preschool teacher (me).  He must have learned that in Sunday school... ?


Carpoolqueen said...

I love the new look!!! And my kids would be making frowny faces if I put grapes and carrots out for them.


You're a good mom.

Tracey said...

Mr. Grape made me laugh...and I think our kids' generation were born with a 'computer' gene..My oldest picked up on Photoshop like it was Pac Man. Me? Took me over a month to figure it out! (and I still have only know about 30% of the program!)

Sandy Toes said...

Love it! Did he eat the fruit???
sandy toe

Bugs and Sunshine said...

very cute idea! i'll be borrowing this.