May 28, 2009

That is what judgment can do to a soul.  It can take a beautiful individual and rip it to shreds. 
Who are we to judge?
Who called you to judge?  Criticize?  Set the standard?

We all do it.  We often judge the book by the cover.  Or the girl by the shoes.  Or the mom by her children's manners.  Or the man by his financial choices.

We are not called to sit in the seat of judgement.   It is a seat reserved only for the Eternal Judge.   He created me and He knows me, the motives of my heart.  If I am being judged by anyone other than the most high king, who knows me so intimately and still loves me as his own, it inconsequential.  And yet, to be judged is painful.  It strips away joy.  

  I cannot truly be myself if I think I will be judged.  If I am near the judger, I am automatically on edge, aware of my every move, word, action. There is no freedom to be me.   Walls are erected.  Have you ever been in that position?  Maybe you've been around someone that has little tolerance for children, so you suddenly become acutely aware of your child's behavior, manners, speech, volume.   Judging them through the eyes of your own judger.

 I once attended a women's group that left me feeling judged because of my wardrobe (or lack thereof).   I began to notice that the women in this group dressed a certain way;  wearing only the best brands our city could offer.  While I dressed appropriately, I could not afford, nor did I want to spend  our hard earned money on the new spring collection.  Judgements were made and walls were built.  Friendships that could have been were missed.

So I've been pondering these questions lately:

In what areas do I judge others?

What have I missed out on because of my judgements?

Am I allowing other's judgements/standards to hinder me?

Am I listening only to the one true Judge?


Vicki Clifton said...

You could have written this just for me....I feel the same way. And have recently been in a situation that I feel I'm being misunderstood. I can so identify and have been wondering some of the same questions. Do I do that too? Thanks for being so open and honest...for being willing to risk judgement to encourage someone else. May God bless you!

Jenny Lynn said...

I can definitely relate to feeling different by the clothes I wear. I feel like I'm wearing something cute and then I am around other women wearing all designer things. They look totally cute. We can't afford to buy a lot of those things but even the things we can afford, I won't buy because I'd much rather have 5 dresses that are all cute instead of one designer dress.

But, I think I often allow those things to come between potential friendships. And I don't think it's always the "designer girls" that are doing the judging. I often judge them in ways. I judge them by thinking, they are not as down to earth as I am OR they definitely wouldn't want me hanging around...I'm sure they feel like they can't relate to me...all because of the way I dress. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's so true! And a lot of times my judgements (of not being high fashion enough) kill the potential friendships instead of what they might or might not have thought about me.

You are so right. The One True Judge is more important than all my judgements of myself or the judgements of others!

Linda said...

Well said - simple, but true. Linda

Lacy said...

I totally thought I left you a comment yesterday...oops....I linked to this post for my reders and also thought it was very well put. I have been feeling so gross with my wardrobe and self I said before always hit the nail on the head. Hope you and your family are well.

Carrie said...

Visiting from my friend Lacy's!!! Very well said...Thanks for making me think!