June 2, 2009


As I said in my last post, I got a little crafty last week. When I say little, I do mean little. Like my 8 year old could do this, except for the fact that it involves an exacto knife.
I wanted a little bulletin/note board for my kitchen "desk", a.k.a. junk collector. I have a basket there for the paper mess but sometimes I forget about a certain coupon or something I want to save.
I found this nice big frame in a junk store for $5. Even though it was off-white with gold showing through, I knew it had great potential. Two coats of flat black spray paint and it was ready to go.

5 Simple Tools:
~foam board
~felt or batting
~exacto knife
~pretty fabric
~fabric/craft glue

5 Simple Steps:
1. Measure and cut foam board to fit frame, using exacto knife
2. Cut felt/batting to fit foam board
3. Glue felt to foam board
4. Stretch fabric around board, glue to back.
5. Attach fabric board to frame.
*I didn't have to tape it or nail it in... it just fit perfectly. The back is not pretty, but who's looking?


Carpoolqueen said...

You had me at "The back is not pretty, but who's looking?" Your popularity rating just soared.

(P.S. - It was pretty high to begin with.)

Tammy Cox said...

Please come and help me! I love your style!

Laura said...

What a great project . I love the pattern of the fabric.

I am now a follower-
Come see men,



Bugs and Sunshine said...

very cute.

and your post about being critical of others was right on and very well written and said.

you have a gift for communicating truth. i think i stumbled upon your blog through nester awhile back and really enjoy it!

Ally0005 said...

Turned out very pretty!

Kristi said...

What a great idea! I may have to borrow this idea to make a memo board in my classroom. Blessings to you!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Great job on your memo board! Pretty!

Stephanie said...

Love how it turned out! What a great idea!

Christina said...

Love your memo board. Love the fabric too!!

Uniquely Made said...

Ran across your blog and I must say, I am now a follower. Love your bulletin board. Great job. The fabric is the same as my kitchen curtain but just the opposite in color , where did you find it black with cream flowers?

Marie said...

Love your new bulletin board! It's fabulous. That fabric is so pretty. Thank you for sharing!