June 30, 2009

Things I Ponder

One of the endearing qualities of my hubby, is his life-long love for cartoons.  Some men love ESPN.  Some men love Fox News.  My man loves the Cartoon Network.  Brings out the kid in him.  So, due to the fact that I have been exposed to more cartoons than the average woman, I've had time to ponder some things.

Let's begin with one of  hubby's favorites:

Hello Fred, Daphne, Shaggy and Velma.  I have a few questions for you.
1. First of all, Daphne, love how you've brought the scarf back in to fashion.  It's so versatile. Could you please tell Velma that her glasses are a little dated, and the bobby socks have got to go?
2. Shaggy, have you ever considered therapy?  How about a cameo appearance on Fear Factor?
3. Friends, after a bazillion episodes, it's time to put on your thinking caps and do a little extrapolation:  the scary bad guy isn't really a monster.  He's just a grumpy old fart that wants his money back, and in recent months realized how much he could have been saving with Geico.

Moving on to more current shows...
My children have recently enjoyed this little duo:
But really.  Couldn't the writers come up with some other names?  As if mothers of preschoolers don't have enough toots and puddles to deal with.  However, it does air on Noggin, which in fact, is "like preschool on tv."  So at least I know I can set my child in front of the tube for the day and know that all of his educational needs will be met.  Ahem.

As an educator, I'm all about shows with educational/character building qualities.  Take for instance these little guys.  They don't let size get in the way of rescuing other animals from sure disaster.  But...
I DO have a problem with their voices.  Somebody please tell them they can get state funded speech therapy!  

Speaking of getting the government involved, I think someone needs to notify DSS of the lack of parental care in this household:
Poor Ruby has to care for her little brother Max round the clock.  I'm not sure what happened to their parents, but it must have been very disturbing.  Max fixates on one word and repeats it until poor Ruby realizes the brilliant little brother had the answer all along.   We've been watching this show for at least 4 years and his elocution is still deficient. Maybe he could join the Wonder Pets in speech therapy, 2 for 1 deal, maybe?

Not only do I love a good character building show, but one that also gets the kids up and moving is a real plus.  The makers of "Lazytown" are right on.  After watching the moves of Sportacus and Stephanie, it makes me want to go join the local gymnastics class.
But sometimes I wonder is Stephanie ever notices that she doesn't quite look like the rest of the people in Lazytown.  Also, she might want to tell her colorist to go a little light on the pink highlights.  It's starting to look a little like her neighbors... 
By the way, does anyone look at her and wonder how old she is?  I mean, she could be anywhere from 10 to 18.  It's puzzling.

Speaking of puzzling...
I recently became aware of this little retro show that happens to come on at a very convenient time for moms who like to cook dinner in peace (5:30 EST, Cartoon Network):

The Banana Splits
Anyone remember this one?  I checked online: it debuted in 1968. It is a modge-podge of the characters, pictured above; a few short little animations (Three Musketeers being a favorite with my little guy) and an ongoing mini-saga entitled Danger Island.  The latter is what has caused me to ponder.   One of the characters is a young teenage boy who looked vaguely familiar.  Who is that blonde sailor?  Could it truly be??
Stringfellow Hawke from Airwolf?   Why yes it is!  A young Jan-Michael Vincent.  Swoon.
Ahh... what memories.  I can still hear the theme song as the blades of that hi-tech chopper rose from the dust.  
So this is I ponder: Will Steve from Blues Clues one day be the star of an action packed prime time slot?  Oh the possibilities!

 I do have my limitations.  There are many cartoons that are banned from our house for obvious reasons.  But there are a few that are banned simply because mom cannot bear them.  
1. Aurthur.  Waay too much sibling bickering and name calling.  
2. Caillou.  Who needs another whining, demanding preschooler in the house?!
3. Yo-Gaba gaba.  Just freakishly weird.

Well, I'm off to do more important things than ponder the personality qualities of cartoon characters.  
Do you have a favorite?  How about one that just gets under your skin?


JVS said...

Really girl, you should write more. That comment about us having enough toots & puddles...hilarious!

As for me, I was so happy the day that my daughter stopped watching Maisy. It was bad enough that one of the characters was named Tallulah, but even worse that none of them really "spoke" to each other. The narrator told the story, while the characters just grunted/made muted noises to convey dialogue. Hmmm....really? Although, I will say it did provide B & I some entertainment when we would try and imitate the weird ramblings of Charley (he's the crocodile).

Tracey said...

What a fun post! Totally with you with Arthur and Caillou...for the same reasons!!

Our last two Netflix have been the Flintstones. I was never a huge fan, but the rest of my family loves them. They are yaba daba dooing all over the place!

My personal favorite...Bugs Bunny.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! :) E

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

This is a funny post, what is even funnier is I can relate to your valid points, I have often wondered if the speech issues in Wonder Pets {though cute} could cause a problem for clear speaking children?? I also, more than once have had the conversation with my friend as to why poor Ruby is the ONLY one caring for Max.... Hahahaha odd that we would spend our time pondering this, but what else do we chat about Max and Ruby are part of our daily lives! and Yo Gabba, is FREAKY... I shutter when I here that show!

The Cherry Family said...

LOL that is too funny! The voices on Wonder Pets drives me crazy too! And no Caillou at my house either, seriously that is WAY too much whining!

Susan said...

love this post!! It had my husband & me laughing & agreeing ;) I had to read it to him because he loves cartoons too and is usually the one watching Noggin/Sprout with our 2 little girls (age 2 & 3).

One thing that drives us crazy is the word "Yes" is rarely used. The cartoon characters (Dora, Diego, Blues Clues, etc) always use slang like "Yeah" except for maybe Caillou, who says "Yes". Another thing that bothers us is the frequent use of dumb, stupid, etc. (words my Mom never let us use when we were little).
Thanks for the "Banana Splits" tip... my husband use to love that show!

Carpoolqueen said...

Ah, Jan-Michael Vincent. Swoom indeed.

I cannot abide Yo Gabba Gabba, but it is Mr. T's favorite. So watch it, we do. And yes. Weird.

And I love the Wonder Pets theme song. Sometimes I sing it to myself just for a little cheer-me-up.

And with that, I'll end.

Suz said...

This post gave me a good laugh. So true!! I always laugh to myself when Noggin says "It's like preschool on t.v." Do they really think that?

I am right there with you about Arthur. D.W. was banned from our house long time ago. She has an ATTITUDE! Bailey banned Yo-Gaba gaba the other day. She said, "Mommy, I don't like that show." We have never watched Caillou so thanks for the heads up on that one.

We do love our Backyardigans. They love to sing and dance and they always end their show with a snack.

Amy said...

C'mon, y'all! Nothing gets me dancing like that preschool rave, Yo Gabba Gabba! "There's a party in my tummy - so yummy, so yummy!" is a favorite here. The children like to show me their "cool tricks" and "dancey-dances." Of course, I could do without the funny faces.

Toot & Puddle - why, why, why? Some cruel joke, I suppose.

I try to dodge Max & Ruby and Barney here.

Kristen said...

I've already trained my children that Sponge Bob is bad news..for some reason I can't stand that one! No Gabba Gabba or Max and Ruby here, we are more into Speed Racer and I've gotten the boys a lot of the Superfriends dvd's from when I was growing up.

I love Bear in the Big Blue House - I think it's the cutest show ever!