June 9, 2009

Jumping In

It's almost comical how differently my children and I approach a swimming pool at the beginning of the summer.  The water is cool and refreshing, often taking my breath away.  As I carefully maneuver the gradual descent into the water I catch my breath, dreading how cold the water will feel with each step.  It is a slow, almost painful event, shivering and gasping as I go.
Meanwhile, my children have jumped in and are squealing  with delight.  Their bodies quickly adapt to the temperature and they are enjoying the benefits of the initial plunge.

Oh, how this parallels my spiritual journey!  So many times I hear the Lord calling, and yet my lack of faith hinders me  from taking the plunge.  I delay the benefit of being able to bask in the rewards of faithful stewardship.  I slowly respond to His call, waiting for Him to confirm and then reaffirm the call. When He calls to me, I know His voice (for He is my Shepherd), yet I often hope that maybe He actually meant to call someone else's name.

When I asked my children what they thought about this, their answer was amazingly simple: "We need to listen and obey."  It's funny how our favorite parental phrases can come back to bite us!  Yes, I need to just listen and obey.  We have taught our children the importance of immediate obedience ... what a lifelong lesson!

I want to be the sheep that follows the voice of her Shepherd, simply because He has called.  I want to respond immediately to His call.  I want to jump in, ready to rest in the assurance that He has called, and I have obeyed.

Today I must make a choice:  Am I ready to take the plunge, or will I endure the disappointments of choosing to follow his call only on my own, unsteady terms?

Lord, help me to respond to you with a cheerful, enthusiastic attitude.  I don't want my clouded view to hinder the joy of jumping in and following your plan.

John 10:3-4


Carpoolqueen said...

What a great visual - I'll think about that all summer as I head to the pool and splash my feet.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful lesson- one I need to hear all too often! Thanks for listening to His words for you and putting them down to help me!

Vicki Clifton said...

Thanks...I needed this.

The Cherry Family said...

Thanks! out of the mouths of babes!!

Mom said...

As you know, I am one to "jump in" at the pool...but following God is often another story. Thanks for the great reminder this is to listen for His voice & obey immediately. Love you, my Sweet One!